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  • 30 Years of House: A Guy Called Gerald

    30 Years of House Music (Part. 2) – A Guy Called Gerald

    The Pt. 2 of our 30 Years of House Music series of portraits brings us to a city - Manchester - not only famous for its soccer footaball clubs (Man U and City), but also remembered as the craddle of House Music in the UK back in the second half of the 80's. A Guy Called Gerald standing as one of its most influential actors... [Read More...]
  • 30 Years of House: Ten City

    30 Years of House Music (Part 1): Ten City

    If rating music wasn't first about being based upon a style the way it has become since the 80's, but upon quality, then chances are great Ten City's repertoire would have been recognized by way more people. The story of this Chicago hailing threesome pretty much epitomizing the one of a whole genre: House Music! [Read More...]
  • Interview: Play It with Bugge Wesseltoft and Friends!

    Interview: Play It with Bugge Wesseltoft & Friends!

    Two Norwegian singers (Beadly Belle and Torun Eriksen), a French Trumpeter (Eric Truffaz), a Swedish/Turkish tenor saxophonist (Ilhan Ersahin) and an American percussionist and producer (Joe Claussell) are among the friends united on an album titled 'Play It' by the likes of Bugge. We're talkin' about Bugge Wesseltoft of course! [Read More...]
  • Interview - Romanthony: The Prince of House!

    Romanthony: The Prince of House (Music)! (Q&A)

    This May 7 saw back in 2013 the sad passing of one of the most underrated talents in the history of contemporary music, by the likes of Anthony Wayne Moore, better known as Romanthony at the early age of 45. Our humble tribute to the 'Prince of House', from exchanges we've managed to have back in the day... [Read More...]

Deep Xcape open their Pandora’s Box!

South African producers George (SO Clear Music) & D.General (aka Dumisani) responsible for the aptly titled 'Pandora's Box' sounding like a ... Deep Xcape into deep'n soulful territories. Irresistible! [Read More...]


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  • IDMW Top#10 Traxsource

    Traxsource iDMW Top#10 (June 2015)

    06/19/2015 // 0 Comments

    Our monthly Traxsource Top#10 featuring goodies by the likes of Daniel De Bourg, Michele Chiavarini, Kölsch, Rhemi, Namy, K-BlakK, Steal Vybe, One51, Loic L and Chris Stussy... [Read More...]

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