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  • Interview: Body & Soul at Southport Weekender

    Body & Soul @ Southport Weekender!

    Established as the one of major worldwide rendez-vous for those into soulful music since its first edition back in 1987, UK's famous Southport Weekender looks set to be booming once more, ending up under the form of a firework this Sunday October, 19 while welcoming François K, Joe Claussell and Danny Krivit's Body & Soul vibes! More with the latter... [Read More...]
  • Interview: Ralf GUM

    Ralf GUM: In My City (Q&A)

    With the simplicity which is the sign of talents and accesibility, the one of genuine people, Ralf GUM does his way from a year to another, establishing himself as a definitive headline in the House scene. Between the worldwide release of this new album - 'In My City' - and the start of the Spring/Summer season in South Africa, synonymous with countless DJ/live gigs, he's managed to find time to answer our questions... [Read More...]
  • Interview - Teddy Riley: When The (New Jack) Swing hit the Funk!

    Teddy Riley: When the (New Jack) Swing hit the Funk!

    At the age of 25, he would become one of the most touted producers in America. James Ingram, Bobby Brown, Heavy D, Boy George and even Michael Jackson... the box office jet set was running after his talent, the way billionaires come to Sothesby’s to pick up some famous artists’s works. He eventually redesigned the groove, givin' birth to the New Jack Swing. With his B-Day to be celebrated this Oct. 08, let's pay our props to Teddy Riley! [Read More...]
  • Interview: - Kerri Chandler: Kaoz in the House!

    Kerri Chandler: Kaoz in the House!

    No doubt, if you hardly see a DJ spinning in a club without being a producer nowadays, being a good DJ doesn't necessarily mean being a good producer and vice versa. Thus sein' those who do both of'em fairly well being like relative exceptions, and even more if you happen adding to this the art of singing, writing, composing + the know how of sound engineering. This being where Kerri Chandler is to be found... [Read More...]
  • From The Vaults - Good Times, c'est Chic!

    Good Times: C’est Chic!

    As a celebration of Chic's Nile Rodgers's B-Day, the souvenir of this meeting we had back in 1992 alongside the late Bernard Edwards for the release of their 'Chicism' album which would happen to be their very last... [Read More...]

Lenny Kravitz: (Atmopshere) Strut

by indamixworldwide in Spotlight

Thinkin' that emotion could only be found within a certain spectrum and nowhere else is to me like those countless people refusing to consider anything reputedly aside/away from what they're used to listen to day after day. And, as result, putting limits to creativity. Something, real artistry has never been compatible with, such as brilliantly demonstrated once again by Lenny Kravitz on the 'soulfuric' 'The Chamber', the obvious lead single from his recently released 'Strut' album... [Read More...]


Say It Loud!

  • The Politics Of Dancing - For A Few Dollars More
    Releasing (quality) music is definitely a thing, but getting it to reach the necessary audience is a way different one, although at least as essential (if not more). With this challenge being probably the biggest that House Music (and to a wider extend Alternative or Underground Music) has to face nowadays! [Read More...]

iDMW Tennerz!

  • Tennerz: Mary J Blige - Right Now
    The proper of all the reputedly living languages is to nothing but redefine themselves along with time, with (modern) music makin' no exception, such as demonstrated by Mary J Blige's hybridization between R&B and EDM alongside UK producers Disclosure... [Read More...]


  • Trending: Aretha Franklin - rolling on into deep (water)!
    For her awaited return, Aretha Franklin has nothing else but followed the trend that sees established artists to score in the national charts Stateside with either duet or cover albums. Will her new offering be trending? Not so sure, as explained by Gary Van den Bussche... [Read More...]

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