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  • From the vaults (Read!) - Isaac Hayes

    Isaac Hayes: Let The (Heart)Beat Hit’Em!

    I couldn't forget about the very first time I got to hear 'Branded' back in 1995. An album which would mark the awaited return of Soul icon Isaac Hayes after a 7 year hiatus, opening on an awesome cover version of Sting's famous 'Fragile'. Enough reasons for me to make sure I would meet him for an interview, and eventually license the aforementioned on a forthcoming compilation project of mine for BMG the year after... [Read More...]
  • Finding Fela - Fela Kuti portrayed by Joe Claussell

    Fela Kuti: The Tree Of Life…

    As a part of the ongoing remembrance activities in honor of the late Afrobeat mogul Fela Anikulapo Ransome Kuti, is proud to publish this unique tribute that would be paid to him back in 1997 by the likes of long time friend... Joe Claussell! [Read More...]
  • Finding Fela: Tony Allen - Afrobeat Pulsations

    Tony Allen – Afrobeat Pulsations

    Fela used a whole bunch of elements inherited from Soul, Funk and Jazz for his incantations over characteristic syncopated rhythm parts left to the own devices of drummer Tony Allen sounding like a metronome, He tells us about his long time collaboration with the Black President, that would give birth to Afrobeat... [Read More...]
  • Afrobeat / Finding Fela: Femi Kuti - (Solutions For) A Better World!

    Femi Kuti: (Solutions For) A Better World!

    As a part of our ongoing tribute to Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Ransome Kuti, the reedition of this interview we managed to have with his son - Femi - back in September 2001 in Paris prior to the release of his 'Fight To Win' album on Barclay/Universal... [Read More...]

Vinyl: Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing! (Pt. 1)

by indamixworldwide in Spotlight

The development of the digitalization process that would establish the mp3 as the dominating format nowadays seems like more and more havin' found its limits, with the vinyl record being the subject of a substantial regain of interest. Something we could eventually notice on these shores after the few messages we received further to the publication of an article - Back To Vinyl? - a fortnight ago, with some of you asking for more info... [Read More...]


Say It Loud!

  • The Politics Of Dancing (Vol.5) - Stronger Together!
    The late Reverend Martin Luther King had a dream which is now a part of the History... So had we by the time we gave birth to this space, even though we know how so many things remain to be accomplished before seeing ours reachin’ the same status. We’ve dreamed of makin’ this site as a house, if not THE house (or differently said, the home) of those who tend to recognize themselves in the countless expression forms inherited from the (Black) groove. Utopia? Possibly, but how could we ever be sure about it without first tryin' to do our thing?!? [Read More...]


  • Trending: Trending, so what?!?

    Trending, so what?!?

    08/14/2014 // 0 Comments

    Trending, buzzing, so what the fuss? No matter what might be makin' some noise at an instant T, but way more what's gonna take us higher. With time, as usual, being our most precious allied at the end. [Read More...]

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