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  • Finding Fela - Fela Kuti portrayed by Joe Claussell

    Fela Kuti: The Tree Of Life…

    As a part of the ongoing remembrance activities in honor of the late Afrobeat mogul Fela Anikulapo Ransome Kuti, is proud to publish this unique tribute that would be paid to him back in 1997 by the likes of long time friend... Joe Claussell! [Read More...]
  • Finding Fela: Tony Allen - Afrobeat Pulsations

    Tony Allen – Afrobeat Pulsations

    Fela used a whole bunch of elements inherited from Soul, Funk and Jazz for his incantations over characteristic syncopated rhythm parts left to the own devices of drummer Tony Allen sounding like a metronome, He tells us about his long time collaboration with the Black president, that would give birth to Afrobeat... [Read More...]
  • Afrobeat / Finding Fela: Femi Kuti - (Solutions For) A Better World!

    Femi Kuti: (Solutions For) A Better World!

    As a part of our ongoing tribute to Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Ransome Kuti, the reedition of this interview we managed to have with his son - Femi - back in September 2001 in Paris prior to the release of his 'Fight To Win' album on Barclay/Universal... [Read More...]
  • Disco / EDM: Giorgio - From (T)Here To Eternity

    Giorgio Moroder: From (T)Here To Eternity!

    Going back to the roots of Disco Music as crafted by key producer Giorgio Moroder, with the incorporation of Electronic Music seeming like inherited from groups such as Kraftwerk, Can and Neu. Souvenirs of a conversation we had back in 2001! [Read More...]
  • Incognito - From the vaults - Always There

    Incognito: Always There!

    More than 30 years have gone since UK-based Jazz/Funk collective Incognito's first foray into music, with their freshness kept as alive as day #1, despite unceasing line-up modifications along with time. Souvenir of a meeting back in 1991 with the band's mastemind, Jean-Paul Bluey Maunick... [Read More...]

Fela Forever!

by indamixworldwide in Spotlight

'Finding Fela', the soundtrack to Alex Gibney directed documentary of the name is out today! The ideal opener to our ongoing tribute to the artist, with a soon to come portrait of him by the likes of Joe Claussell, and a couple of interviews with his son (Femi Kuti), and his drummer (Tony Allen) with who he gave birth to Afrobeat! [Read More...]


Say It Loud!

  • The Politics Of Dancing (vol.2) - It's Just Me, Myself & I
    “It’s Just Me, Myself and I”, used to sing Hip-Hop famous De La Soul back in the day. A theme which, almost 25 years after, has never seemed so up to date when everything should be the opposite. How come have we collectively managed to find ourselves so far from the words of wisdom preached during what was the Genesis of House Music, not to mention during the Disco daze? Unless the Hippy ones as embodied by the souvenir of the legendary Woodstock Festival??? [Read More...]


  • Trending / Editorial: Back To The Roots!

    Back To The Roots!

    08/01/2014 // 1 Comment

    Free man is the architect of his own future. However, could we ever think of any tomorrow without a today; of any today without a yesterday??? Basic principle of an evolution that would simply be inconceivable if ever disconnected from the collective memory... [Read More...]

Single Of The Week

One On One!

  • Versus: cover version vs original - cast your vote!

    Fela Kuti VS Masters At Work!

    07/30/2014 // 0 Comments

    The very first in this new series sees us welcomin' Fela's famous 'Expensive Shit' and its cover version, 24 years after its release, by the likes of MAW. Which one is your fav? Cast your vote! [Read More...]

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