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  • Interview: Vick Lavender

    Vick Lavender – Inspiration(s) from the heart!

    If familiar with the Chicago's House scene, chances are great you've come across Vick Lavender's impressive repertoire before. From his early days as a DJ in the 80's to his time with Glenn Underground and Boo Williams as a member of Strictly Jaz Unit prior to the founding of Mr. A.L.I. with Jere McAllister, Vick has come up with some of the most vibrant experimentations you might think of, creating a unique blend of deep atmospheric jazzy vibes that would build his signature along with time. His freshly released 'The Still EP' gives us the opportunity to open up his account here on iDMW... [Read More...]
  • From the vaults / Interview: Vinny Da Vinci

    Vinny Da Vinci: L’Afrique, c’est chic!

    What a better opportunity to measure the ever growing impact of the South African scene, than this conversation we managed to have back with one of its pioneers (and since then undisputed ambassadors)?!? Ladies & Gents, straight from the vaults of V1, please welcome Vincent Motshegoa, better known as Vinny Da Vinci! [Read More...]
  • From the vaults - Roy Ayers

    Roy Ayers: Sticky Fingers!

    Taken into fusion including Jazz/Funk from my teens, I guess I can say Roy Ayers stands as my early heroes, with our very first meeting, back in 1997, counting as one of my highlights as a fan and a reviewer. From then on, I wouldn't miss an opportunity to see him, be it in London, Paris or New York, and give him my props. His awaited live performance at the Campsoul Festival this Sunday being an opportunity to re-edit one of the conversations we had back in 2003 prior to the release of his 'Virgin Ubiquity' album on BBE... [Read More...]
  • Ashford & Simpson - Ain't No Mountain

    Ashford & Simpson: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

    "There ain't no mountain high enough, Ain't no valley low enough, Ain't no river wide enough, To keep me from getting to you..." Ain't probably no chorus more significant to depict what the life of Disco/Soul icons Valerie Simpson and Nickolas Ashford would be, from their very first meeting back in 1964 until the passing of the latter on that sad twenty second of August 2011... [Read More...]

Vinyl: Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing! (Pt. 2)

by indamixworldwide in Spotlight

The Part 2 as it says of last week's publication of the likes getting us into the fascinating universe of vinyl record chasing, from the identification of the object to its grading, where and how to find them... [Read More...]


Say It Loud!

  • The Politics of Dancing (Vol. 7) - Curiosity (never) killed the cat!
    Music could well be the widest of all the art forms on display. Reputedly meant to unite, the constellation of countless micro-niches it has turned into since the middle of the eighties producing the opposite effect, with their respective fans eventually transformed into antagonist tribes, most likely in the name of these decidedly inevitable sacrosanct preconceived ideas which have been around since the beginning of the world... [Read More...]

iDMW Tennerz!


  • Trending: (So here's to you), Mrs. Robinson!

    (So here’s to you), Mrs. Robinson!

    08/28/2014 // 0 Comments

    Another key part on the ongoing maturation of the contemporary groove is set to be immortalized with the recent acquisition of film rights to the life story of Sugarhill Records co-founder Sylvia Robinson, renown for havin' scored the first ever Hip-Hop commercial success with Sugarhill Gang's seminal 'Rapper's Delight'! [Read More...]

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One On One!

  • Versus: cover version vs original - cast your vote!
    This week's episode of our VS series opposes the same (famous) artist under two slightly different names though, with the same song in two different moods. Which one will be your fav? Cast your vote! [Read More...]

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