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  • Interview: Jack to the sound of... Glenn Underground!

    Jack to the sound of… Glenn Underground! (Q&A)

    Equally known as G.U., Glenn Underground is not only one of the most talented and versatile producers of all time, turning his music into a blend of Jazz, Soul, Funk and House vibes like no other. He's also one of the most fascinating DJ's I've had the chance to meet. And just like what everything he does, he talks real, with no time for the rest! [Read More...]
  • Interview: Frankie Knuckles: And House Music was born!

    Frankie Knuckles: And House Music was born! (Q&A)

    "If any of you have ever been touched by this man, you have been blessed. He's not God, but to us, he is our God." These words by the likes of David Morales about Frankie Knuckles perfectly sum up the way I felt from the very first time I happened to meet the man in the mid-nineties... [Read More...]
  • Interview - Quentin Harris sharing the Xperience...

    Quentin Harris sharing the Xperience… (Q&A)

    Quentin Harris sharing the duties along with David Morales and Hector Romero on a tribute to the late Frankie Knuckles due to happen in a fortnight at the Miami WMC, as on a new single titled 'The Xperience'. Enough reasons to give him our props... [Read More...]

Indamixworlwide goes Live!

For those of you who may not know, Indamixworldwide isn't only an editorial website, but also a series of live programs delivered on a daily base on Facebook by a team of selectors hailing from all over the world... [Read More...]


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  • This Week At A Glance!

    This Week At A Glance!

    04/24/2015 // 0 Comments

    Glenn Underground, Indamixworldwide Live!, The 3 Winans Brothers and Louie Vega, De La Soul, Mr Dont's, Wipe The Needle and Dawn Tallman, Joe Claussell, Led Zeppelin Vs Puff Daddy and many more to lift up your souls this week on iDMW! [Read More...]


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