And the beat goes on!
  • Incognito - From the vaults - Always There

    Incognito: Always There!

    More than 30 years have gone since UK-based Jazz/Funk collective Incognito's first foray into music, with their freshness kept as alive as day #1, despite unceasing line-up modifications along with time. Souvenir of a meeting back in 1991 with the band's mastemind, Jean-Paul Bluey Maunick... [Read More...]
  • Barry White - Gone on a 4th of July - A Tribute

    Barry White: Gone on the 4th of July!

    Billy Joel's 'I Love You Just The Way You are' seemed tailored for him. He, as an artist, was just the way he happened to be as a man, which probably explains why so many of us loved him. 11 years have gone since his passing, and the double since our very first meeting. Barry White, je me souviens... [Read More...]

We are back!

by indamixworldwide in Spotlight

Frustration was definitely the word when we put our dotcom on hold a couple of years ago. But the satisfaction is even bigger with Indamixworldwide back on a brand new home today, powered by an updated system... [Read More...]


Say It Loud!

  • Editorial - The Politics Of Dancing vol. 1
    Welcome to our very first editorial here in the series. My name is Frederic Messent, equally known as MFSB (although with a slightly different meaning) and I’ll humbly get you into the so many different reasons that have led to the situation we have to deal with on a daily basis, wherever we may be, regarding that thing reputedly uniting us: music! [Read More...]


Single Of The Week


  • Audiology (vol. 1) - Put the needle to the record

    Put the needle to the record!

    07/04/2014 // 0 Comments

    And here came the turntable… Originally known as the gramophone, the phonograph (or the record player) got introduced back in 1877 for the recording and reproduction of sound recordings. The recordings, played on such a device, consisted of waveforms that were engraved onto a rotating cylinder or... disc! And while the cylinder or disc was rotating, a stylus (or needle) would trace the waveforms and vibrate to reproduce the recorded soundwaves... [Read More...]

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