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10 essential 2016 tracks / What’s your fav?

10 essential 2016 tracks…
It’s that time of the year to think as to what’s gonna be remembered from it in the ones to come. Hopefully, and despite both what some have stated saying everything had been written and the hard times music has gone through, there are still artists, producers and labels enlightening us with irresistibly emotive vibes. Hopefully, there are still people willing to stand away from corporatism and follow their instinct as opposed to trends musicwise. They deserve absolute respect, and be assured we’ll never miss the opportunity to mention them on these shores.

10 essential 2016 tracksWe couldn’t neither forget about those, sadly numerous this year, who’ve left us along the way. They left an indelible imprint in our memories. And we’ll do our best while humbly keepin’ their legacy alive.
As many reasons for us here on Indamixworldwide to keep on searchin’ to find the best around to feed your hearts and souls. With this list of 10 essential 2016 tracks comin’ up so to say as a ‘listener’s digest’…

Like always, a selection is per definition limited and even more speakin’ of a Top#10! And I’m not even talkin’ about the types of players we can hear music from. With things exclusively available either on Youtube, Bandcamp or Traxsource. This makin’ it so hard to come up with an all in one selection. As a result, we had to make a choice, therefore excluding cuts pretty much worth the mention though. With Josh Milan‘s ‘I Will Wait’, Hannah White‘s ‘Sunny Day’ or Fe’ Fea White‘s ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’ first coming to mind.
Well, it pretty much looks like this could be a 10 essential 2016 tracks (+3) at the end, huh?

It’s that time of the year to warmly thank you all for your interest in our action. Be it by submitting your releases for reviews. By following us, liking us, reacting on our publications or simply paying us a visit.
We, as usual, welcome your suggestions, such as your own 10 essential 2016 gems list for instance…

As for now, it’s that time to wish you and yours a Great 2017.
With Love from all of us,

#01 – Rhemi feat. HanLei – I Can’t Wait (Original Mix) (Rhemi Music)
UK production pair Rhemi firing things up along with HanLei on the devastating ‘I Can’t Wait’. One of the essential tracks of the year. You’ve been warned! [More…]

#02 – Fuminori Kagajo & Sheree Hicks – No Place Like Home (Original Mix) (Makin Moves)
Japanese producer Fuminori Kagajo along with the sultry Sheree Hicks delivering the smooth soulful and jazzy ‘No Place Like Home [More…]

#03 – Tumelo – Fantasize (Mark Francis Mix) (Tribe Records)
Mark Francis at the peak of his art while enhancing the deepness of Tumelo’s heartfelt ‘Fantasize’ on his remixing work [More…]

#04 – 3 Winans Brothers feat. Karen Clark Sheard – I Choose You (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix) (Vega Records)
Louie Vega revisiting The Winans‘ ‘I Choose You’ with additional vocal parts courtesy of Karen Clark Sheard. A Gospel House essential! And an encore for this team who were (also) in our list last year with ‘Dance’ [More…]

#05 – Lenny Fontana feat. D-Train – When You Feel What Love Has (Karmic Power Records)
NYC producer Lenny Fontana teamin’ up once again with legendary vocalist James D-Train Williams of the D-Train fame on the funky hotter than hot ‘When You Feel What Love Has’ [More…]

#06 – Tasha LaRae – Find My Way (DJ Beloved Remix)
Quantize Recordings’ new weapon comin’ up under the form of the smooth and vibrant ‘Find My Way’ by the likes of the sultry Tasha LaRae as remixed by DJ Beloved [More…]

#07 – The Foreign Exchange – Can’t Turn Around (Shino Blackk Edit (Z Records)
If into those Latin fueled Jazz/Funk vibes alla Earth Wind & Fire or George Duke, The Foreign Exchange’s ‘Can’t Turn Around’ as remixed by Shino Blackk is definitely for you [More…]

#08 – Myles Bigelow & Toto Berriel – El rey de los truenos (Pablo Martinez Remix) (Deep Culture Music)
Myles Bigelow and Cuban singer Toto Berriel on the cosmic Afro/Latin ‘El rey de los truenos’ as subtly and beautifully remixed by Pablo Martinez. A 2016 definitive must have! [More…]

#09 – Jihad Muhammad – Illusions (Main Mix) (Movement Soul)
NJ-based DJ/producer Jihad Muhammad, true to what made his reputation with the deep’N’ jazzy ‘Illusions’ [More…]

#10 – The Doggett Brothers feat. Laura Jackson – Colours (Mark Di Meo Remix) (Soulstice Music)
The Colours of the groove on this soulful jazzy funk joint by the likes of The Doggett Brothers and Laura Jackson, as remixed with absolute class by Mark Di Meo [More…]

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