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10 essential 2017 tracks / What’s your fav?

10 essential 2017 tracks… And there we go! Once again, it’s that time of the year to think as to what’s gonna be remembered from it in the ones to come. Hopefully, and despite both what some have stated saying everything had been written and the hard times music has gone through, there are still artists, producers and labels enlightening us with irresistibly emotive vibes.
Hopefully, there are still people willing to stand away from corporatism and follow their instinct as opposed to trends musicwise. They deserve absolute respect. And rest assured we’ll never miss the opportunity to mention them on these shores.

10 essential 2017 tracks / What's your fav?We couldn’t neither forget about those, sadly numerous this year, who’ve left us along the way. They left an indelible imprint in our memories. And we’ll do our best while humbly keepin’ their legacy alive.
As many reasons for us here on Indamixworldwide to keep on searchin’ to find the best around to feed your hearts and souls. With this list of 10 essential gems comin’ up to you as a so to say ‘listener’s digest’…

10 essential 2017 tracks / Ed The Red feat. Troy Nichols – Love Amore (Ed’s House Mix) (Bottom Line Records)
From the very first note of Ed‘s House Mix, you get to know you’re in front of a one of a kind thing. A rare jewel, as a matter of fact, where everything seems like meant to come together as one. With each detail seeming like echoing to another around Troy Nichols‘ outstanding voice bringin’ us back to the souvenir of the late Isaac Hayes at times. Meanwhile, one of the main characteristics of ‘Love Amore’ is its amazing ability to embrace different moods. Such as illustrated by the diversity of its mixes. Beginning with this blowin’ House Mix whose irresistible jazzy swingalong has all the elements to get you dancin’ all night long [More…]
10 essential 2017 tracks / Joe Leavy – Inside Of You (from the Gayle & The Storm OST)
Here we most definitely have one of the most vibrant songs ever written in ages. Beginning with its lyrics where subtlely prevails in a way reminding of Vikter Duplaix‘s ‘In The Middle Of You’. But also its stellar arrangements, with thanks to producer Derek DOA Allen. Not to mention its overall feeling sounding like a unlikely meeting between Marvin Gaye and Surface.
A few of you may have heard of it as a matter of fact, as released as a part of the OST of Karyn White‘s ‘Gayle & The Storm’ film. But the good news is that it should reappear, although on a slightly different version on Leavy‘s forthcomin’ album due for release in a few weeks from now. Of course, we won’t miss keepin’ you posted when the time comes…
10 essential 2017 tracks / LCO feat. Omar – History (Imagenes Recordings)
Los Charly’s Orchestra have come up with the big picture to celebrate their 10th Birthday. Delivering what stands as a double header featuring ‘It’s So’ and ‘History’ which both deserve the attention…
Depending on your mood, you would go for ‘It’s So’. An uplifting re-make of Omar‘s 2006 gem of the likes, from his ‘Sing (If You Want It)’ album. All in all, a revamp that carries all the ingredients that made LCO‘s trademark. In other words, a post Disco Latin flavor. Meanwhile, the rumblin’ Boogie Funk string-driven ‘History’, which has our preference, sounds like a typical Omar‘s jam [More…]
10 essential 2017 tracks / Brian McKnight – Hungry 4 U (SoNo Recording Group)
To be honest, I never managed to know if this masterpiece has officially been released as a single. But one thing for sure is the fact that it pretty much stands apart from the usual flow one might expect from a pretty much standardized R&B scene. As a matter of fact, listen to its concept pretty much brought me back to the souvenir of Teddy Riley and Soul II Soul when they redefined the genre. One of the definitive hightlights from McKnight‘s ‘Genesis’ album which saw the light last August, ‘Hungry 4 U’ just stands apart with its Electro influenced rhythm pattern. With thanks to producer Tim Kelley. In other words, hungry 4 this. Missed it? Give it a listen and let us know what you think..
10 essential 2017 tracks / Scott Grooves feat. Al Hudson & One Way – So Glad (Advance Copy)
Naaa, you’re not dreaming. We’re in 2017, although this piece of music could pretty well have seen the light some 40 years ago. And our appreciation would have been pretty much the same. Although on some paper mag at the time. Meaning we would only have had words to tell you about it back then. As opposed to be comin’ up with a soundclip the way we do nowadays. And chances are great we would have welcomed it as a Single Of The Week
From its very first note, you can feel the Funk infectiously comin’ out of it. And to those of you thinkin’ of Detroit as the capital of Techno, ‘So Glad’ stands as a brilliant reminder as to how the Motorcity has always had much more on offer [More…]
10 essential 2017 tracks / Louie Vega feat. Josh Milan – The World Is A Family (Roots NYC Mix) (RMVK Records LLC)
Who better than this reunion between Louie Vega and Josh Milan could emboby the spirit of Ray Chew‘s ‘Two Beats One Soul’ album concept?
Two Beats (and even more…) One Soul intrinsincally reflects what makes the NYC culture so unique and fascinating. Itself takin’ its essence from the blend of countless influences. Be they Latin, African. Or inherited from the past. From Soul to Jazz, not to mention Gospel. Therefore finding its translation in the local music production. On such circumstances, how to not think The World Is A Family. At least musically speaking?!? With its protagonists finding there the ideal ground to express themselves together as one despite their differences [More…]
10 essential 2017 tracks / Greg Blackman – Never Trust Another Man Again (Ashley Beedle’s North St Jazz Stripped Back Remix) (Ramrock Records)
Here we have an absolute diamond, showcasing a performance comin’ straight from the deeper sides of the heart and soul. Most likely reachin’ peaks like one’s hardly ever heard before. Produced by Sofa King, ‘Never Trust Another Man’ made quite a sensation on its original version. With Ashley Beedle bringin’ it to further heights on its North St Jazz Stripped Back Remix. All in all, soundin’ like some unplugged version along with a piano part that creates an atmosphere bringin’ back to the souvenir of Erik Satie‘s play [More…]
10 essential 2017 tracks / Hannah White – Roma (The Nigel Lowis Mix) (DSG Music)
On the heels of ‘Sunny Day’ which blew the ears of many of us last year, Hannah White comes up with the perfect suggestion to visit Roma.
This Nigel Lowis Mix gives an instant impression of easy listening. And by easy, I most likely mean friendly. Yes, Ladies & Gents, there’s an overall feeling of softness. Beginning with Hannah White‘s mesmerizing voice to the laidback musical environment [More…]
10 essential 2017 tracks / Those Boys feat. Mr. Lee – Lots More (Original Mix) (Deep Fusion Records)
Better saying things like this… Released a bit earlier on, ‘Lots More’ would definitely have found its space in our 10 essential 2016 tracks! Depending on which hemisphere of the world we’re living, we can consider it as a turning point. Either a celebration of the Summer coming in the South, with all the enlightening perspectives such a season suggests. Or a celebration of the daylight to become longer in the North. Not to mention the one of The New Year to see the light for all of us…
As its title suggests, ‘Lots More’ is uplifting in all senses of the term. From its lyrics to its vocal performance courtesy of Mr. Lee (not to be missed with the Chicagoan Hip-House maestro of the likes!) [More…]
10 essential 2017 tracks / Chris Rob – Touch The Sky (Darryl James Extended Altra Mix) (Altra Music Inc)
Is this (soulful) House? We’ll say it is, but probably more as a matter of convenience. Although, here again, we’ll go way further than that. This while using the same expression – R&B/Dance – that prevailed back in the early 80’s when the tempos started to move forward. And the fact is this is pretty much what ‘Touch The Sky’ is about. With singer Chris Rob‘s tones somehow bringin’ us back to the souvenir of Marvin Gaye at times. If not most likely reminding of Noel Gourdin in terms of vocal arrangements. Meanwhile delivering a deliberately positive message over a stellar production courtesy of Darryl James [More…]

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