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10 essential 2018 tracks / What’s your fav?

10 essential 2018 tracks… And there we go! Once again, it’s that time of the year to think as to what’s gonna be remembered from it in the ones to come. Hopefully, and despite both what some have stated saying everything had been written and the hard times music has gone through, there are still artists, producers and labels enlightening us with irresistibly emotive vibes.
Hopefully, there are still people willing to stand away from corporatism and follow their instinct as opposed to trends musicwise. Needless to say they deserve absolute respect. And rest assured we’ll never miss the opportunity to mention them on these shores.

10 essential 2018 tracksNeither couldn’t we forget about those, sadly numerous once again this year, who’ve left us along the way. They left an indelible imprint in our memories. And we’ll do our best while humbly keepin’ their legacy alive.
As many reasons for us here on Indamixworldwide to keep on searchin’ to find the best around to feed your hearts and souls. With this list of 10 essential 2018 tracks comin’ up to you as a so to say ‘listener’s digest’…

So how was this year at the end? Pretty much promising as a matter of fact. Firstly because of an undeniable return to musicianship. And this, not only from a bunch of glories from back in the day who made their return. From Quincy Jones to Change, but also Chic. Even though many us expected something obviously different from the latter. Like what Alfa Anderson managed to come with. This by the likes of the aptly titled… ‘Perfectly Chic’ for instance!

In the meantime, a bunch of current producers, acts and artists have added their contributions. Eventually flirting with Disco vibes for some of them. From The Shapeshifters to Hifi Sean and/or Rapson. Not to mention LCO (Los Charly’s Orchestra) who, more recently happened to bring Brit-Soul icon Omar to Disco territories on ‘Fire’. Thus revealing another of the man’s countless facets. Meanwhile bringin’ him to make once more the proof of his versatility. Just the way French producers Hallex M and DJ Fudge made it with him earlier on with ‘Ding Ding’. And more precisely on its one of a kind remix by the likes of DJ Beloved, although in a slightly different vein.

All in all, 2018 should be a memorable year for the latter. This with the delivery of his debut-album – ‘Hopeless Romantic’ – on Quantize Recordings. Therefore featuring the presence of Soul/Jazz singer Will Downing. Himself getting back to House vibes 30 years after his memorable cover version of ‘A Love Supreme’. And, by that, pretty much contributing to the interest of this effort. Meanwhile sharing the bill with other artists such as Gerideau, Sheree Hicks and Reggie Steele.

Besides, 2018 also happened to be synonymous with the return of Sade (Adu) with two singles. But also the one of Lisa Stansfield with her eighth album (‘Deeper’). This in addition to Traci Braxton who released her second effort by the likes of ‘On Earth’. Then what about The UK Soul Chart who now have their (first) compilation album?!? Thus showing the continuous appetence of the British crowd for Soul vibes…

Last but not least, that same year also happened to see the arrival of a bunch of teasers. From Carvin Winans‘ blowing ‘Once In A Lifetime’ in some laidback R&B mood. To India Arie‘s smooth and vibrant ‘That Magic’. With both of them due to come up with an album in 2019. From Winans with ‘The Softest Way’ although no precise date has been announced as off yet. To Arie with ‘Worthy’ due for release in February 2019. Then last but not least, Chelsea Wilson with the vibrant and unmissable ‘Real Love’, as an appetizer of her upcoming second album…

Of course, chances are great we may have missed a piece of music or more. Like the stellar and groovy ‘Running Around’ by the likes of Cool Million as remixed by Mark Di Meo. But we can’t definitely be aware of everything, can we? Not to mention the fact that we’ve been away from the move during the Summer for some heavy maintenance work on the site. Then seen our posts considered as against the Facebook Community Standards by the end of November, can you believe this?

So needless to say how we definitely welcome your suggestions if you have some…

Wishin’ you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
With Love,

10 essential 2018 tracks / The Shapeshifters feat. Teni Tinks – Try My Love (On For Size) (Club Mix) (Glitterbox)
Is Disco dead in any way? Just ask The Shapeshifters and, even more, listen to their outstanding rendition of Sharon Redd‘s underrated ‘Try My Love On For Size’ with singer Teni Tinks takin’ the centerstage! So, do we have here the tune of the year? For us, yes without a single doubt. As for you, as usual, the response is yours [More…]
10 essential 2018 tracks / Chelsea Wilson – Real Love (House Of Valerie Joan)
2018 is not (yet) over. With Melbourne-based singer Chelsea Wilson most likely due to add the stellar and groovy ‘Real Love’ to the essential tracks of the year. If not fighting with The Shapeshifters to top this selection. Meaning we’ll have not one but two tracks of the year at the end. With more to come under the form of an awaited second album due for release in 2019. You don’t wanna miss this (neither)! [More…]
10 essential 2018 tracks / Change – Hit Or Miss (Album Version) (Original Disco Culture)
Thirty-five years or so have gone since the last contributions of Mauro Malavasi and Davide Romani to Change. And the guys are back with a brand new album – ‘Love 4 Love’ – thus takin’ on where they left at the time. Beginning with the one of a kind ‘Hit Or Miss’ as fronted by Tanya Michelle Smith [More…]
10 essential 2018 tracks / Lisa Stansfield – Deeper + (Snowboy Extended Version) (earMUSIC)
Call it Brit-Soul of Neo-Soul (Stateside)… One of the highlights of her freshly squeezed ‘Deeper Deluxe’ album, its title track as retouched by Snowboy sees Lisa Stansfield reachin’ some extra peak in her art. Thus delivering another manifesto [More…]
10 essential 2018 tracks / Quincy Jones & Mark Ronson – Keep Reachin’ (feat. Chaka Khan) (Qwest Records)
The uplifting ‘Keep Reachin” featuring Mark Ronson along with Chaka Khan pretty much sums up what’s been the life of Quincy Jones after 6 decades in the entertainment. With the whole as depicted in a Netflix much anticipated documentary titled ‘Quincy: A Life Beyond Measure’ [More…]
10 essential 2018 tracks / Hallex M & DJ Fudge feat. Omar – Ding Ding (DJ Beloved Remix) (Makin Moves)
Brit-Soul Don Omar turnin’ everything he sings into gold. With ‘Ding Ding’ makin’ no exception. A track he recorded back in 2014 with French DJ’s/Producers Hallex M and DJ Fudge, as now remixed in some outstanding style by DJ Beloved [More…]
10 essential 2018 tracks / Hifi Sean feat. Paris Grey – Lost Without U (Extended) (Glitterbox)
Like it or not, everything comes to an end. Beginning with the very best. Which is most definitely where Inner City‘s famous Paris Grey is at along with producer Hifi Sean as a matter of fact. Pretty much lamenting about the end of a long and hot Summer over this bumpin’ bass-driven Post-Disco killer groove [More…]
10 essential 2018 tracks / Rapson – Heat (Opolopo Remix) (Defected)
Opolopo turning Rapson‘s fonky ‘Heat’ into a stellar Springish post-Disco jazzy funk stomper. And, in the meantime, into one of the definitive highlights from Simon Dunmore‘s ‘Love Injection’ compilation on Glitterbox [More…]
10 essential 2018 tracks / Carvin Winans – Once In A Lifetime (The Dance Factory)
At last, Carvin Winans, of the 3 Winans Brothers fame launching his solo activities. This with the Carlos Battey produced ‘Once In A Lifetime’. An instantly appealing swingin’ gem comin’ up as the first offshot from his upcoming album – ‘In The Softest Way’ – awaited for release at the top of 2019 [More…]
10 essential 2018 tracks / Emilie Nana – I Rise (François K Journey Vocal) (Compost)
Emilie Nana‘s adaptation of Maya Angelou‘s ‘I Rise’ comin’ up to the next level. This with François K‘s spacey rework bringin’ it at the crossroad between Lectrodeep and Afro Techhouse vibes. One word for this: insane! [More…]

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