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10 essential Afro House gems / Cast your fav!

10 essential Afro House gems 10 essential Afro House gems… Like always, a selection is per definition limited. And God knows how the history of House Music wouldn’t be the same without the progressive arrival of DJ’s, producers and artists who’ve melted it with their native African influences. As a result, many are the gems we couldn’t talk about here at the end. Even though they would have definitely been worth a mention. Such as the aptly titled ‘Lift Me Up’ by the likes of Zano feat. Phumeza with remix courtesy of Black Coffee for instance…

No need to say how this selection is way from being exhaustive. Most likely due to find an extension later when the right time comes. Nevertheless, you should find thereafter a pretty much illustrative sample of highly energetic jams where the infectiousness of the groove predominates.

Wishing you’ll enjoy the ride as much as we did, while putting this together for you. With your feedback, and a mention of your favorite song more than welcome.

10 essential Afro House gems / DJ Sbu feat. Zahara – Lengoma (TS Records)
Born in 1979 in Thembisa, South Africa, Sibusiso Leope, better known as DJ Sbu. A local figure who somehow already stands as a veteran as a matter of fact. From his activities as a radio broadcaster, successively on YFM then Metro FM. To his contribution as an entrepreneur, at the head of his own label (TS Records). But also renowned for having launched his own energy drink (Mofaya). ‘Lengoma’ which is rumored to be a fusion of French and Swahili (“Ngoma” meaning music or drum) stands among the signature cuts of our man. Reputedly at the crossroads between Afro House and Kwaito…
10 essential Afro House gems / Bucie feat. Heavy K – Easy to Love (Demor Music)
Born in Kimberley and raised in Klerksdorp where she started singing at church… Busisiwe Nolubabalo Nqwiliso, better known as Bucie, has established herself a solid reputation. And this as one of the most in demand female R&B and House singers in South Africa.
One most likely remember her for ‘Turn Me On’ along with Black Coffee which saw the light on Ralf GUM‘s GoGo Music label. But also the 2014 released ‘Easy To Love’ which stands as one of her biggest successes ever. As for producer Heavy K in the meantime…
10 essential Afro House gems / Mi Casa – La Vida (Atjazz Remix) (Soul Candi)
On the footsteps of ‘These Streets’ and ‘Heavenly Sent’. Taken from their 2011 released ‘Micasa’ debut-album which got them to earn South African Music Awards (SAMA) nominations for ‘Best Dance Album’, ‘Album Of The Year’, ‘Group Of The Year’ and the list goes on… Dr. Duda, Mo-T along with Portugal-born singer Joao da Fonseca aka J’Something expressing himself on his native language. With Atjazz delivering one of his best remixes ever so far [More…]
10 essential Afro House gems / Black Coffee feat. Hugh Masekela – We Are One (The Culoe De Song Remix) (Vega Records)
Multi Award winning producer and DJ, Nkosinathi Maphumulo, better known as Black Coffee, started his career some 21 years ago already. One of the most influential musicians in South Africa, he teamed up back in 2011 with legendary Jazz, Funk trumpeter Hugh Masekela. This on the memorable ‘We Are One’ (released on Louie Vega‘s Vega Records label). A cut which received the remixing treatment courtesy of South African fellow Culoe De Song. Himself also crafting one of his best reworks here…
10 essential Afro House gems / Ternielle Nelson – African Woman (SME Africa (Pty) Ltd Live)
Taken from her 2010 released ‘Unearthed’ album which marked her debut at the age of 21… Singer/songwriter and guitar player Ternielle Nelson comin’ up with the intimate ‘African Woman. She calls her style “Ethno-Soul”. A gem most likely standing as her signature cut to date. But how could it be different at the end? This with remix courtesy of a then quite in-demand Culoe De Song
10 essential Afro House gems / Djeff Afrozila & Alias Rhythm – Você Me Chamou (Original Mix) (Vidisco)
Born in Lisbon, Portugal from a Cape Verdan dad and an Angolan mom… Tiago Barros, better known as Djeff Afrozila, has established himself as a key figure in the African scene. Meanwhile heavily contributing to introduce House Music in Angola where he’s been residing since his relocation in Luanda back in 2008. Released at the very end of 2011, ‘Você Me Chamou’ is a perfect illustration of the beauty of the Portuguese language melted with upbeat rhythms…
10 essential Afro House gems / Busi Mhlongo – Izizwe (Point5 Remix)
Sadly gone on June 15, 2010 at the age of 62, Victoria Busisiwe Mhlongo, later known as Busi Mhlongo, has devoted her life/art to defy categorisations of all sorts in her native South Africa. This while blending traditional music with elements from Jazz, Funk and Gospel. But also Rap, Reggae, Rock, West African music and eventually Opera in a unique style.
We catch her back in 2009 . This with ‘Yehlisan’ Umoya Azania (In The Mix)’, an album which saw her collaborating with luminaries such as Culoe De Song, Frederic Galliano and DJ Qness .
‘Izizwe’, which got remixed by Black Coffee at the time, stands as one of her signature songs. Thus dealing with the matter of xenophobia, it got soon after brought into another dimension. And this time with remixing work courtesy of Point5
10 essential Afro House gems / DJ Qness feat. Oluhle – Fugama Unamathe (Sheer Music)
Born Qhubani Ndlovu, DJ Qness properly got all his heart and soul into music from the age of 17. Meanwhile getting a loan from a bank along with his best friend in order to invest on recording material.
Reapin’ refusals by singers he initially wanted to work with, he ended up advertising on Facebook. Eventually settin’ up a connection with UK-based singer Olhule who wrote the lyrics of ‘Fugama Unamathe’. A cut which became one of the biggest successes in South Africa back in 2009. This resulting in bringin’ the man to the forefront as a DJ and producer. With the rest, as usually said in such circumstances, being history!
10 essential Afro House gems / Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer – Kò Kò (Ibadan)
Along with label head Jerome Sydenham, Dennis Ferrer has been for much in the recognition of a then embryonic South African House scene. This back at the end of the 90’s, with people such as B.O.P., Oskido and Vinny Da Vinci among others.
Together, they would drop the infectious ‘Kò Kò’ back in 2001 (backed with the equally worth the listen ‘Jehlaz’). With both of them included on the ‘Saturday’ album which saw the light during the same year. Therefore makin’ of it an effort worth the investment.
10 essential Afro House gems / Culoe De Song feat. Shota – Yini Ngawe (Soulistic Music)
Born in 1990, Culolethu Zulu, aka Culoe De Song, quickly established himself as a First League DJ/producer. And this with the release of his debut-album – ‘A Giant Leap’ – back in 2009. An effort featuring the memorable ‘Webaba’ by the likes of the late Busi Mhlongo. Meanwhile, his 2011 follow-up – ‘Elevation’ – featured the outstanding ‘Yini Ngawe’. Eventually gettin’ us to discover singer Mnqobi Mdabe, better known as Shota in the meantime.
A cut which we eventually welcomed as our Single Of The Week on our Facebook page back then…

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