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10 essential Jazz House tracks

10 essential Jazz House tracks10 essential Jazz House tracks… Like always, a selection is per definition limited. And God knows how the groove would definitely not have sounded the same without the regular experimentations which have paved its way… Such as back in the 70’s when Jazz came to integrate Funk, Soul or Disco along with analog synthesized sounds. Then later on, in the 90’s when it hitted the House scene. Back at the time, one would eventually talk about Jazz not Jazz , if not House not Jazz. But the result is such as House Music made no exception while grabbing fragrances of Jazz…

As a result, many are the gems we couldn’t talk about here, even though they would definitely have deserved a mention.

No need to say how this selection is way from being exhaustive though. Most likely due to find an extension later when the right time comes. Nevertheless, you should find thereafter a pretty much illustrative sample of recordings where the soothingsness of the groove predominates.

Wishing you’ll enjoy the ride as much as we did, while putting this together for you. With your feedback, and a mention of your favorite song more than welcome.

10 essential Jazz House tracks / Mondo Grosso feat. Monday Michiru – Star Suite (Shelter Vocal Mix) (King Street)
Here we dive into a 16 minute + sequence of absolute aural delight. From Monday Michiru‘s delicate spoken word performance. To its musical arrangements featuring a delightful piece of flute over a blowin’ rounded bassline. The whole as enhanced in the finest way by the likes of Blaze. Most definitely A 5 star suite, don’t you think? [More…]
10 essential Jazz House tracks / Joe Claussell – With More Love (Sacred Rhythm Mix) (Spiritual Life)
No matter what, you would only expect the richness from the blend. This being pretty much where to find Spiritual life label head and Body & Soul co-host Joe Claussell. A man who built his reputation while injecting his Afro/Caribbean roots into a unique atmospheric repertoire. Such as one could definitely feel it on the piano/guitar led percussive ‘With More Love’. But also on ‘Maringa’ to name but a few.
10 essential Jazz House tracks / Janet Jackson – Go Deep (Spiritual Flute Mix) (Virgin)
‘Spiritual’ certainly doesn’t come as a coincidence in the title of this mix by the likes of Masters At Work. One could argue though that this rework doesn’t have anymore to do with Janet herself. But who cares, knowing this is an instrumental version at the end? Certainly one of Louie Vega and Kenny Dope‘s best remixes ever nevertheless where a Magic flute, although not the famous Mozart‘s one, predominates. [More…]
10 essential Jazz House tracks / Funky People – Funky People (Slip ‘N Slide)
‘Funky People’ but quite jazzy too as a matter of fact. With our preference going for its original version. From the 1999 ‘The Many Colours Of Blaze’ album although it first saw the light 4 years before. Funky People being a Blaze‘s aside project along with Cassio Ware, Allen Jeffrey and Tee Alford. With this self-titled gem most likely standing as their most famous one. You hardly get more infectious than this. Even more than 20 years after its original release…
10 essential Jazz House tracks / Abstract Truth – We Had A Thing (Matty’s Body And Soul Remix)(Streetwave)
Abstract Truth saw the light back in the mid 90’s in NYC. At a time when a whole bunch of local Acid Jazz musicians came to flirt with House Music. The band comprised Dana Vlcek, Ravi Best, and Vincent Chauncey. But also Jephté Guillaume, Guy Daniels, and Pete Mark around singer Monique Bingham. With the bitter sweet ‘We Had A Thing’ receiving an outstanding remixing treatment courtesy of Matthias Heilbronn. [More…]
10 essential Jazz House tracks / Satoshi Tomiie – Inspired (The Stringstrumental) (Columbia)
I suppose most of you will remember Satoshi Tomiie for the classic ‘Tears’ along with Robert Owens. A gem which got him to integrate the Def Mix team along with Frankie Knuckles and David Morales. But the man also made it on his own. Such as this rework of ‘Inspired’. A song featuring the late Diane Charlemagne from his 1999 ‘Full Lick’ debut-album. He eventually turned it into this symphonic if not cinematic instrumental version. Meanwhile embedding all the elements which contributed to make the Def Mix signature like no other…
10 essential Jazz House tracks / Down To The Bone feat. Roy Ayers – Electric Vibes (DJ Spinna Remix) (Narada Jazz / Giant Step)
We gave this blast a mention in our 10 essential DJ Spinna remixes. Therefore, I suppose seeing this definitive masterpiece here shouldn’t be a surprise neither. A quick look at the identity of the protagonists almost sayin’ it all. From UK Acid Jazz band Down To The Bone (remember their classic ‘Staten Island Groove’). To Roy Ayers scatting along his vibraphone. Not to mention Spinna givin’ it a delicate uptempo twist, meanwhile turning it into a Jazz/House masterpiece [More…]
10 essential Jazz House tracks / Glenn Underground – Mental Fusion (Strictly Jaz Unit)
Although sadly quite underrated, we’ll never state enough as to how Chicago DJ/producer Glenn Undergound is one of the biggest talents of his time. tanding on an impressive repertoire, he comes up in a unique way. Most likely putting up things to the next level. Be they Disco, Afro or Jazz-influenced. Such as this stellar hypnotic key trip over an infectious syncopated rhythm part. You don’t wanna miss this. Do you?
10 essential Jazz House tracks / DJ Jorj feat. Gary Pinto – Only You (Blaze Shrine Vocal Mix) (Distant Music)
In charge of the remixing duties, Blaze deliver one of their best reworks ever. Meanwhile bringing Jon Cutler‘s Distant Music label one of their definitive highlights. Remaining quite close to its original spirit, they slightly retouch its rhythmic frame. But also smoothen it while reordering its musical parts. Therefore defining a new balance which enhances the whole. From its rumblin’ bassline to its lush keys. Not to mention its jazzy rhytmic guitar part, eventually spicing up the whole with extra percussion. [More…]
10 essential Jazz House tracks / A Factor – Canto Azul (Extended Remix) (Dub A Records)
Here we go with one of the most unsung treasures from the past. Probably because of its limited release back in 1995, it would nevertheless be given an outstanding dubby remix a couple of years after by Faze Action. Produced by Jose Arce, Jr., its progressive construction is just awesome. With lush keys preceeding the arrival of a big band-alike recorded horn section followed subtly layered percussions melted with vocal scats. We gave it a mention in our 10 essential Latin Grooves a couple of years ago. And most likely couldn’t help repeating the operation nowadays for those of you who eventually missed it…

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