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10 essential Most Wanted tracks

10 essential Most Wanted tracks… From a car to a house, ratings are most likely around to give us an idea about the value of the good we may be lookin’ for. With music and more precisely some pieces of vinyl makin’ no exception.

10 essential Most Wanted tracks10 essential Most Wanted tracks… Probably more than everywhere else, here we go divin’ into a totally subjective universe. This with the value of a specific piece of music not necessarily based on its popularity. But on most cases on its rarity. With the law of supply and demand pretty much rulin’ the whole here as well.

Needless to say as to how we’re bringin’ you miles away from – if not at the opposite of – today’s situation. With some of us lookin’ for a specific package rather than another… Not only because of its intrinsic quality. But also, and at times even more, because of the history it both carries and represents at the end.
As many pieces you would naturally come to find on these shores under the ‘Most Wanted!’ tag as a matter of fact. With more info due to be of a help. This if ever finding yourself in such a situation in our Buying vinyl records: What? How? topic.

Therefore, and as always, a selection is per definition limited. As a result, many are those we couldn’t talk about here. Even though they would have definitely deserved a mention. Most likely due to find an extension later when the right time comes. Nevertheless, you should find thereafter a pretty much illustrative sample of definitive pieces of art/history to lift up your hearts and souls.

Wishing you’ll enjoy the ride as much as we did, while putting it together for you. With your feedback, and a mention of your favorite song more than welcome…

10 essential Most Wanted tracks / Ashford & Simpson – Bourgie Bourgie (Warner Bros.)
One of the most famous instrumentals ever. And, in the meantime, one of the signature cuts by the likes of legendary songwriting pair (and artists) Ashford & Simpson. Beware of the badly pressed copies though! [More…]
10 essential Most Wanted tracks / Willie Bobo – Always There (Columbia)
Latin Jazz timbalist William Correa, better known as Willie Bobo, responsible for this explosive funky cover version of Ronnie Laws‘ timeless anthem of the likes. Thus adding his name to those of Side Effect and Incognito who also gave it a rendition [More…]
10 essential Most Wanted tracks / Vinzerrelli – Skate Dancer (PanBro)
Strangely enough, even though not an exception as a matter of fact… One single and no more for the mysterious Vinzerrelli at the end. But what an outstanding piece of music that would get recognition some 25 years after its release back in 1980! Missed it? Then check it out and let us know what you think [More…]
10 essential Most Wanted tracks / Pike – Good Feelings (Penke Records Inc.)
Without a single doubt, the magic of the Disco period owes a lot to countless obscure releases. With each discovery sounding like a miracle for the die-hard fans/collectors more than 30 years after. The infectiously funky bass-driven Pike‘s ‘Good Feelings’ makin’ no exception [More…]
10 essential Most Wanted tracks / The LTG Exchange – Waterbed (Disco International)
Back to the roots of Dance Music with this Latin/Disco monsterjam by the likes of East Coast pioneers The LTG Exchange. Here again, chances are great you won’t want to miss this neither [More…]
10 essential Most Wanted tracks / Al Hudson And The Soul Partners – Spread Love (ABC Records)
The soon to become One Way (remember ‘You Can Do It’) on one of their most sought after classics under the form of this highly orchestrated episode quite illustrative of the Disco Period! In other words, Spread love! [More…]
10 essential Most Wanted tracks / Bumblebee Unlimited – Love Bug (Amour Records)
No matter what… NYC Disco producers Patrick Adams and Greg Carmichael‘s releases are synonymous with the Holy Grail, with this synth led funky joint by the likes of Bumblebee Unlimited addin’ itself to their impressive repertoire [More…]
10 essential Most Wanted tracks / The Circle City Band – Magic (Circle City Records)
Also a highly sought after jewel, the 12″ promo release of the firing funky ‘Magic’ by the likes of The Circle City Band. A firing gem which BET would eventually choose as their theme song… Probably not a coincidence at the end [More…]
10 essential Most Wanted tracks / Guy Cuevas – Obsession (Nassau Mix) (Island)
By the likes of Guy Cuevas who was to Paris’s Le Palace what Larry Levan managed to be to NYC’s Paradise Garage, the ultra sought after ‘Obsession’ with remix courtesy of François K… [More…]
10 essential Most Wanted tracks / Touché – Just Like A Doorknob (S.P.Q.R)
Standing among the absolute references from the said Italo Disco days, the sought after ‘Just Like A Doorknob’ by the likes of transient studio concept Touché. Itself somehow reminding of Change to a certain extend. [More…]
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