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10 essential Quantize Recordings gems

10 essential Quantize Recordings gems…
The establishment of an identity happened to be the ultimate key word by the end of the 70’s. Be it musically with the arrival of producers settin’ up a distinctive sound. As visually with trends applying to social if not political categories. With the same regarding many independent structures which came to symbolize what a label is supposed to be. In other words, an entity synonymous with a certain standard of quality!

10 essential Quantize Recordings gemsMore than 30 years have gone since. And even though our environment has changed in a drastic way, Baltimore-based DJ/producer DJ Spen has most likely integrated these matters in the running of his label.
Takin’ on where Code Red left back in 2012, Quantize Recordings is not only synonymous with a strong visual identity. But first and foremost for delivering a continuous stream of top quality releases. And this, by ‘la creme de la creme’ in terms of artists, producers and remixers.

10 essential Quantize Recordings gems… No need to say how this selection is way from being exhaustive. Nevertheless, you should find thereafter a pretty much illustrative sample of jams which have contributed making Quantize Recordings one of the most exciting ventures as far as contemporary soulful Dance Music is concerned…

#01 – David Anthony feat. Beverlei Brown – I Don’t Know Why (Manoo Remix)
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…” David Anthony, Beverlei Brown and Manoo (responsible for the remix) back together again on the mesmerizing ‘I’m Free’ [More…]

#02 – Mark Di Meo feat. Nickson – Let It Be Love (You Should be Mine) (N’Dinga Gaba Remix)
Italian producer Mark Di Meo along with South African singer Nickson delivering one of the most vibrant love songs ever with ‘Let It Be Love’ as brilliantly remixed by N’Dinga Gaba [More…]

#03 – Erin Leah – Radio Billie Stereo Ella (N’Dinga Gaba Remix)In a unique singing / songwriting style, Erin Leah on the one of a kind ‘Radio Bille Stereo Ella’ along with remixer N’Dinga Gaba, and therefore counting as one of Quantize Recordings’s absolute essentials [More…]

#04 – Tasha LaRae – Find My Way (DJ Beloved Remix)
Quantize Recordings’ new weapon comin’ up under the form of the smooth and vibrant ‘Find My Way’ by the likes of the sultry Tasha LaRae as remixed by DJ Beloved [More…]

#05 – Spencer Morales – Without Your Love (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Mix)
At the crossroad between Disco and House, the ultra soulful DJ Spen and John Morales penned ‘Without Your Love’ takin’ on where MFSB left with ‘Love Is The Message’ [More…]

#06 – S.E.L – Elevation (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Long Version Vocal Mix)
Quantize Recordings adding another gem to their collection with S.E.L‘s uplifting ‘Elevation’ as remixed by label head DJ Spen and Michele Chiavarini [More…]

#07 – Noelle – Everything (Original Mix)
The latest discovery of DJ Spen comes by the likes of Noelle (Barbera). Singing, writing, arranging, producing… She does Everything, and she does it pretty well [More…]

#08 – Peppe Citarella feat. Chynaah Doll & Paris Hairston – Free (Original Latin Soul Version)
Italian DJ/producer Peppe Citarella together with Chynaah Doll and Paris Hairston on the infectious ‘Free’, synonymous with another (future) vault in perspective on Quantize Recordings [More…]

#09 – Dawn Tallman – Believe In Love (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Mix)
NYC Gospel diva Dawn Tallman geting once more to the next level with the powerful and uplifting ‘Believe In Love’ as remixed by DJ Spen and Gary Hudgins [More…]

#10 – N’Dinga Gaba feat. Marc Evans – Until You (Original Mix)
In the footsteps of the memorable ‘The Way You Love Me’, DJ Spen opening the Quantize Recordings account along with N’Dinga Gaba and Marc Evans on the blowing ‘Until You’ [More…]

10 essential Quantize Recordings gems – Copyright 2016 © Indamixworldwide

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