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10 essential Women’s Day songs…

10 essential Women's Day songs10 essential Women’s Day songs… ‘And God Created Woman’ is not only the title of a sulfuric 1956 film directed by Roger Vadim, starring Brigitte Bardot. No more than (only) the one of a song (‘God Created Woman’) by the likes of Margaret Grace with remixing work courtesy of Sean McCabe.

It’s also what managed to happen according to the Book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible. Itself featuring two creation narratives with two different perspectives being none other than Adam and Eve although they’re not namely quoted. With God creating a man – ish – (Adam). Then a “helper coresponding to him”, from his side or rib. With the latter being called ishsha (“woman”). Because the text says she is formed from ish, “man”.

It is to say how the destinies of both men and women have intrinsically come together as one since the beginning of the creation. Even though the position of the latter has much varied from a place to another, from a period to another. With men eventually assigning them to an inferior position here and then. Hence the observation of the International Women’s Day which commemorates the movement for woemn’s rights each year on March 08.

No matter what, let’s never forget as to how “Man’s future is the woman” (“La femme est l’avenir de l’homme”), as beautifully written by French poet Louis Aragon back in 1963 in ‘Le fou d’Elsa’. With this bringin’ is to come to you with these 10 essential Women’s Day songs.

Besides, and as always, a selection is per definition limited. Even though God knows how the matter has been on the lips of numerous artists. From Chaka Khan‘s ‘I’m Every Woman’ to Maxwell‘s ‘This Woman’s Work’ to name a few. Meanwhile bringing many of us to dream, think, pray and eventually fight along with the circumstances.

As a result, many are those we couldn’t talk about here. Even though they would have definitely deserved a mention. Nevertheless, you should find thereafter a pretty much illustrative sample of highly emotional pieces of art where the quality (as usual) and the emotion predominate.

Wishing you’ll enjoy the ride as much as we did, while putting it together for you. With your feedback, and a mention of your favorite song more than welcome…

10 essential Women’s Day songs / Kandidate – Girls, Girls, Girls (RAK)
“Girls, let’s talk about girls…” What a better start than this 1979 bumpin’ Soul gem to start this topic dedicated to the ladies (in the house)?!? I incidentally discovered it back in 1979. This while havin’ a listen to Radio 1 in a part of France (the North of Brittany) where we could get it fully runnin’ at the time. One of my fav cuts during the Summer 79 along with Sister Sledge‘s ‘Lost In Music’ to name a few. By the reunion of artists hailing from various bands including Hot Wax who were to become Hi-Tension. Meanwhile Phil Fearon was to give birth to Galaxy. Quite an unsung jewel for sure. Although we felt it would be pretty much worth the mention to give it a little shout here…
10 essential Women’s Day songs / Commodores – Lady (You Bring Me Up) (Motown)
The title here as well says it all in regards to the opening cut of the band’s 1981 ‘In The Pocket’ album. Their very last one as a matter of fact along with Lionel Richie before he left for a solo career. And here again, the expression of their winning formula with James Anthony Carmichael in charge of the production. A cut co-written by band member William King‘s wife, Shirley, and Harold Hudson. Himself a member of the Commodores‘ rhythm section The Mean Machine
10 essential Women’s Day songs / Love Unlimited – I’m So Glad That I’m A Woman (Unlimited Gold)
Hard to evoke women without thinking of Barry White‘s contribution as a singer, songwriter and producer. We get him in the background this time along with his protegees, Glodean James, Linda James and Diane Taylor. This on the opening cut to their 1980 ‘Love Is Back’ album. Probably their most achieved effort, spanning the sought after ‘High Steppin’, Hip Dressin’ Fella (You Got It Together)’. Although it would ironically be their very last together. With this probably explaining why and how ‘I’m So Glad I’m A Woman’ didn’t even get a single release, despite its absolute brilliance…
10 essential Women’s Day songs / Isley Brothers – That Lady (T-Neck)
1973 marked a big turning point in the career of the Isley Brothers. Turning themselves from a initial threesome into a sextet band. This with the inclusion of younger members of the family in adition to Chris Jasper. But also leavin’ Buddah Records who distributed their label to sign with Epic. The opening track to their ‘3 + 3’ album, ‘That Lady’ got them straight to the Top 10 after the memorable ‘It’s Your Thing’. A song initially titled ‘Who’s That Lady’ which got its inspiration from the Impressions back in 1964… They retitled it ‘That Lady’ for the occasion. With guitarist Ernie Isley comin’ up with one of those signature guitar solos markin’ the influence Santana clearly had on them…
10 essential Women’s Day songs / Kool & The Gang – Ladies’ Night (De-Lite Records)
How about a ‘Ladies Night’ party as a part of this International Women’s Day celebration?!? Here we go as well on a turning point. But this time for Kool & The Gang who started a fruitful collaboration with producer Eumir Deodato. This resulting in countless smash hits beginning with the bumpin’ ‘Ladies’ Night’ as the opening cut to their 1979 album of the likes. The latter evoking the popular use of “Ladies Nights” at bars and clubs. A so to say trick that was meant to draw in more female patrons with the aim to draw in even more male clientele…
10 essential Women’s Day songs / Ray Martinez & Friends – Lady Of The Night (Hey Honey Come Gimme Money) (Importe 12″)
Not the most glamorous consideration of the subject, I gotta say. But most likely a reality which the transient Ray Martinez & Friends pointed out back in 1980 from their native Miami. As a matter of fact, a reality those of us who happened to cross the streets of the capital of Florida have experienced at least once. And I’m thinking of the Spring Break that sees countless students sadly turning themselves into a lady of the night in exchange of a few Bucks. This would be Ray Martinez & cohorts only release. But what a firing stomper they delivered at the end. Don’t you think?
10 essential Women’s Day songs / Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band – Cherchez La Femme (Se Si Bon) (RCA)
The most famous song by the likes of Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band had everything to make it sound like no other. From its title – ‘Cherchez La Femme’ – (literally “seek the woman” in French) to its overall concept. Hardly hiding its origins. Meanwhile perfectly recapturing the atmosphere of those 30’s swing bands ‘alla’ Cab Calloway. But also prefiguring what Kid Creole & The Coconuts would soon become after August Darnell left the band.
10 essential Women’s Day songs / Heavy D & The Boyz – Sister Sister (Uptown)
Lady, honey, sweetheart, sister… As many words we tend to use when addressing ourselves to a woman. With the ‘Sister Sister’ standing among the most swing gems by the likes of Heavy D & The Boyz back in 1991. “Brother, brother, you’re gonna need her… The way I feel about you, sister, sister”. It somehow got quite overshadowed at the time. With the label (Uptown Records) obviously focussing on their cover version of the O’Jays‘ ‘Now That We Found Love’….
10 essential Women’s Day songs / Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto (Cadet Records)
An in yer face reminder as to how we’re celebrating the International Women’s Day. And by that, their long fight for their rights. With so many things accomplished along with time. But also so much to be done to reach equality. Hard to believe Marlena Shaw‘s classic ‘Woman Of The Ghetto’ saw the light back in 1969. This with a stellar (and timeless) production work by the likes of the late Charles Stepney who would soon after join’ the writing production team of Earth Wind & Fire…
10 essential Women’s Day songs / Sade – Pearls (Epic)
Finishin’ up this International Women’s Day tribute with the aptly titled ‘Pearls’. A track that saw Sade reachin’ a rare emotional level back in 1994. With its lyrics just sayin’ as to how so much remains to be done for the woman kind in (still) so many parts of the world… “There is a woman in Somalia, scraping for pearls on the roadside. There’s a force stronger than nature. Keeps her will alive. That’s how she’s dying. She’s dying to survive…” [More…]

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