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2017: Make It Happen (Make It Right!)

Make It Happen (Make It Right!)
Alright, let me start with a little disclaimer… I’m in no way Madam Irma. I’m not familiar with the crystal balls. No more than with the tarots or whatsoever. In other words, I do not predict future, which I suppose you, familiar with these shores, all know. But there are undoubtedly countless little things we can change here or there to make it brighter. After all, life is said to be what we make it, isn’t it?!?

Of course, there will still be events to come with us in the unability to do anything about. Most likely things we don’t have any control on. But what about the others? God knows how the list of them is almost endless, which leaves quite some hope at the end, doesn’t it?

Who’s the one of us who’s never been complaining about our environment for a reason or another? I guess none, even though we’re all responsible for it, collectively as individually. So why not starting to think, if not already, as to how take our part. Differently said, acting as opposed to wait and see, and eventually put up with the same sh** day after day and so forth.
None of us wants it to happen like this, but so many of us don’t seem to be inclined to put themselves in question. Therefore repeating the same things with the latter engendering the same results at the end…

2017 stands as a new chapter (by the time speaking). But rather say it won’t bring anything better than the previous ones for those of us standing with their two feet on the brake at the perspective of redefining themselves.
Failure is in no way a fatality. What we just need to do is to understand the reasons why we didn’t succeed. And for that, we’ll most likely need to take the necessary time to ask ourselves the right questions. This being the only way to find the appropriate answers. And if ever it’s still not working, we’ll have to repeat the same procedure.

What we get at the end depends pretty much on what we’re ready to give. This requires time, efforts, commitment as nothing comes out of nothing. But what a better (self) award than realizing we ended up solving the matter?
Than realizing we made the thing happen? The only question being: are we ready for this?

On our way to write a new episode in our respective lives. Let’s make it right. We only can make it happen… If we try!

Wishin’ you all a Happy and Successful 2017…

cover pic: Sylvester Stallone in Rocky (1976)

Editorials: 2017: Make It Happen (Make It Right!)

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