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Adamski – Killer (Full Length Video)

Classics: Adamski – Killer (MCA)

What a killer track. Here as well bringin’ us to some 25 years + ago and the souvenir of both Adamski and Seal. Needless to say back to another life. And, by that, I mean for the contemporaries of this piece of music who’ve now got the age to be grand parents like it or not!

Killer, in all senses of the term. From its concept, quite avant-gardist for the period. As blending Electro sounds inherited the New Wave period along with a bumpin’ House driven rhythm pattern. To its obvious timelessness. As still rockin’ nowadays. But also regarding the profile of the singer – Seal – who turned from a perfect unknown at the time to a superstar from then. Then his relation with Adamski which soon after went to an end after a fatal dispute. And last but not least, Adamski himself who never managed to generate any comparable following from then.

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A self-proclaimed Punk fan when he was a youngster, Adamski jumped on the rave culture because of its positive side. He’s best remembered for the 1990 released ‘Killer’ (taken from his ‘Doctor Adamski’s Musical Pharmacy’ abum) along with Seal which would eventually launch the career of the latter. This after both of them got into a (fatal) dispute…

A native of Lymington, Hampshire, Adamski (Adam Tinley) got into music at quite an early age. Quite into Punk-Rock at the time and a self-proclaimed fan of John Peel back then, he put together his first band – The Stupid Babies – when he was 11. Eventually persuading his five year old brother to sing while accompanying him on a small guitar. And from then, he sent a demo to Fast Product Records. Itself a label run by The Human League‘s manager Bob Last. The cuts saw the light on a sampler. Eventually getting to the attention of Radio 1 jock John Peel. With the latter playing one of their songs by the likes of ‘Babysitters’. And generating a bucn of positive reviews in music mags such as Melody Maker

In 1988, Adamski teamed up with another of his brothers (Mark) and Johnny Slut of the band Specimen. And, together as Diskord Identity, they released an electroid cover version of Punk band X-Ray Spex‘s ‘Identity’. Movin’ into a bedsit above the Paradise Kebab shop in Camden that same year is how he met Jimi Polo who was living next door. It’s him who introduced Adamski to House Music. Teaching him how to use a sequencer and a 909 drum machine. Adamski from then began touring in the UK with his set up. Starting off playing at Le Petit Prince in Kentish town, a club owned by his then manager Phil Smith. And eventually endin’ up as the resident live show for Amnesia in Ibiza.

Another year on and Adamski went on to release his debut-album by the likes of ‘Liveandirect’ on MCA. Meanwhile makin’ quite some noise with ‘N-R-G’. And he would get to the upper league the year after. This while sharing the bill with a then unknown Seal on the aptly titled ‘Killer’. The definitive highlight of his ‘Doctor Adamski’s Musical Pharmacy’ album.

Adamski‘s third album – ‘Naughty’ – saw the light back in 1992 with a couple of featurings by the likes of Nina Hagen and Jimi Polo. Thus bringin’ the man into some poppier horizons. Meanwhile its follow-up – ‘Adamski’s Thing’ – landed six years later on Trevor Horn‘s ZTT Records. Recorded at Adrian Sherwood‘s On-U Sound studios, it spawned two extra singles by the likes of ‘Intravenous Venus’ and ‘One Of The People’. And from then, he focused on his DJ career, relocating to Bologna and adapting the name Adam Sky.

In 2009, Adamski found his way back to the UK to start his Futurewaltz project. “After 25 years in the nightspots of the world providing sci-fi beats for hedonists, and even longer as a consumer of all the best scenes from glam rock to grime, I am now spurting all my creative juice into what I call FUTUREWALTZ”, he says on his website. “I realized just how sexy and groovy the Waltz rhythm can be. While googling its origins, I became fascinated and inspired by the history of the Waltz and its social and cultural significance.” Eventually adding another album (‘Revolt’) to his credit back in 2015 on Future Waltz Recordings…

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