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Al B. Sure! – Nite And Day (Extended)

Classics: Al B. Sure! – Nite And Day (Extended) (Warner Bros.)

Much has to be said about ‘Nite And Day’. Beginning with its undeniable appeal. Therefore justifying its presence of these shores, and most probably gettin’ its performer to score his biggest success ever. But also because of the impact it had on the whole R&B scene.

Some said ‘Nite And Day’ happened to be the first New Jack Swing cut ever. Something speakin’ of which I can’t help myself havin’ doubts. And this despite what’s been stated about this gem on Wikipedia. Meanwhile referring to Teddy Riley as its co-writer/producer, although one doesn’t see any mention of his name on the 12″ label. No more than as a part of the album credits to the exception of a contribution as a guitarist on ‘Naturally Mine’. No to mention the fact that New Jack Swing sounded slightly different as a matter of fact. And it is/was certainly not a subcategory of Hip-Hop neither, such as rated on Discogs.

Anyway, regardless the presence of Riley or not at the end, ‘Nite And Day’ marked an evolution in the production of R&B. Fully justifying how Al B.Sure! managed to become the first winner of the Sony Innovators Talent Search back in 1987. And establishing a bunch of new faces in the circuit. From Kyle West to Andre Harrell who was to soon after get his Uptown Records label to the forefront. And, by that, luminaries such as Mary J Blige and Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs to name a few…

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A Boston, MA native, Albert Joseph Brown III grew up in Leonia, NJ, and Mount Vernon, NY. A star football quarterback at Mount Vernon High School, he rejected an athletic scholarship to the University of Iowa to pursue a music career. Eventually teamin’ up with his cousin, Kyle West, who was to become his producer.

He would get some precious support from Quincy Jones. Eventually becoming the first winner of the Sony Innovators Talent Search back in 1987. With both of them working together on various projects. Beginning with the memorable ‘The Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite)’. A cut from Jones‘s double-platinum-certified album ‘Back On The Block’. Meanwhile sharing the vocal duties with Barry White, El DeBarge, and James Ingram.

Opening his account as Al B. Sure! with The ‘In Effect Mode’ album back in 1988, he would get straight to the #1 position in the US R&B chart. Successively with ‘Nite And Day’, seen by some as the first New Jack Swing cut. Then ‘Off On Your Own Girl’. ‘Rescue Me’ adding to the value of the album, meanwhile scoring a #3 position.

He would get back to #1 two years later with ‘Missunderstanding’, along with producers DJ Eddie F and Nevelle Hodge. Although the album it’s taken from – ‘Private Times…and the Whole 9!’ – didn’t manage to get the same reception as its predecessor. With the same applying to his third album – ‘Sexy Versus’ – back in 1992. The man nevertheless scoring what would be the last of his #1 in the US R&B chart with ‘Right Now’.

Al B. Sure! managed to make his come back with ‘Honey I’m Home’. His fourth and last album to date on Hidden Beach back in 2009, meanwhile marking the end of a 17 years hiatus.

As a writer and producer, he introduced various luminaries to the music industry. From multi-platinum group Jodeci to teen R&B performer Tevin Campbell (another Quincy Jones‘s former protégés). Not to mention Faith Evans and Usher among others…

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