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Alton McClain & Destiny – It Must Be Love

Most Wanted! Alton McClain & Destiny – It Must Be Love (Polydor)

From its very first notes, you know ‘It Must Be Love’ is a standout gem based on a killer formula. Now with this in mind, you tell me why Alton McClain & Destiny never managed to get any further way!!! I mean, you could feel how the ladies sang their heart out. Then we had the necessary arrangements with a sophistication reminding the one of Ashford & Simpson. And the hotness of a groove in the caliber of The Emotions‘Best Of My Love’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love’, or Cheryl Lynn‘s ‘Got To Be Real’. In other words, everything to make of ‘It Must Be Love’ the cornerstone of a promising career. With big ups to Jim Burgess for his mixing work. Alas, for some reasons, this would never happen…

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Strange as to how guises may be misleading at times. With such a name one could figure we’re talkin’ about a mixed pair. Although to both these suppositions, the answer happens to be negative. Alton McClain being a she, on one hand. Meanwhile Destiny stands for the reunion between Delores Marie Warren and Robyrda Stiger, on the other.

McClain, Warren and Stiger joined forces back in 1978 in Los Angeles, CA. Teamin’ up with producer Frank Wilson they soon after delivered their debut-album on Polydor out of which ‘It Must Be Love’ went straight to fame. They definitely found like a formula, but most likely failed to repeat their position. With its follow-up – ‘Crazy Love’ – generating a poor following.

‘More Of You’, their second album, came to light 2 years later. With its most notorious fact being a cover version they did of ‘Hang On In There Baby’. Eventually dubbing on the voice of its creator – Johnny Bristol – to make a duet. A third and final album – ‘Gonna Tell The World’ – following the year after. Although no more succeeding despite the presence of Skip Scarborough in the producer’s seat. And a couple of goodies worth the check such as ‘My Destiny’, ‘Simple Things’ and ‘Making Room For Love’. This pushing the group to disband soon after.

Alton McClain eventually married Scarborough and recorded 2 Gospel albums. Meanwhile D’Marie Warren and Robyrda Stiger signed with Epic as members of Krystol. The latter teamed up with SOLAR Records in-house producer Leon F Sylvers III, releasing their debut-album – Gettin’ Ready – back in 1984. Sadly enough, Warren lost her life in a car crash at the age of 32, a few weeks beofre the release of Krystol‘s second album, ‘Talk Of The Town’ back in 1985. Two extra albums would follow by the likes of ‘Passion From A Woman’ and ‘I Suggest U Don’t Let Go’, respectively in 1986 and 1989.

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