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Back to the future: was it (really) all it was?

Back to the future?!? Oooh I know! Some of you may say like “Yaow, this guy intellectualizes almost everything”. This might not be that wrong at the end of the day. Although here is not the subject…

Back to the future: was it all it was?Back to the future: (coz’) everything is relative…
Besides, how could each of us dare makin’ a comparison – and I mean an objective one – between periods which, bringing us to a 30/40 years time, are in the meantime synonymous with so many changes on each of us’s day to day life??? I mean, we would have on one hand those who were up to party in the mid 70’s. Meanwhile currently in their fifties / early sixties for the youngest of’em. And, on the other, those being today’s clubbers. As many people who, for most of‘em, were not even born at the time!

Of course, me being in the first category, I’d be quite tempted to say that this was much better at the time. But I guess this is nothing but the case of everyone on the planet in regards to their youth. A feeling brilliantly recaptured on ‘Happy Days’. A famous US TV series which depicted the adventures of Richie Cunningham, Fonzi Fonzarelli and cohorts in the mid-50’s/60’s.

However, let’s not forget how we first and foremost have to live with the current times. And hopefully make our very best to make them the better. With this far from being the easiest at this precise moment. Most likely because of the ever changing forms of our environment…

Things have without a doubt to be taken as what they are. Not only as far as the current production is concerned. But first and foremost as far as the current times are concerned. And, once again, there’s no need to have a prestigious University diploma to say how things have changed from the 70’s until now. Starting with the fact that a vast majority of the production is the work of people more geared towards trade techniques than pure artistry. And more widely a whole system whereas we would find heavy interaction between record labels, media and technology providers. Leaving less and less space for freedom, spontaneity. And, in the meantime, alternative.

Also worth the mention is the fact that there’s no more need to be a trained musician to produce (when not reproduce) if not music, but at least sounds. An evidence probably for much in the fact that names come in the place of others at the speed of the trends. Just like any other said product of (mass) consumption I should say. Havin’ us forgettin’ that it takes months if not years to establish a reputation and subsequently a name that comes with.

Therefore, the result is quite significant. With not a single name ever able to take Stevie Wonder’s seat out of the House scene, as said to me a few years ago by Techno guru Jeff Mills in his Detroit hometown. Not to mention the average amount of record sales. Havin’ peeps happy when they were selling a 1,000 to a 1,500 copies of a 12″ right before the labels stopped manufacturing them.

Back to the future: let’s call a spade a spade!
No need sayin’ as to how this reality would have sounded ridiculous as compared to back in the days of Disco. This with singles sales regularly reachin’ 35,000 to 50,000 units. If not much more occasionally!
Not that surprising to see the latter finding new owners sometimes for real fortunes nowadays. And quite ironical in the meantime to notice the poor performances of the said electronic music on the 2nd hand market. This apart from a very few exceptions. Once again, nothing here but the signs of the times we’re currently living…

One can only compare what is comparable as earlier said. But the main prob is the absence of background when not elementary good sense. With the latter regarding so many of those reputedly in charge of spreading the vibe nowadays. This most likely explaining the blatant lack of image of so many artists despite the existence of obvious talents though. And the necessity to contribute to reestablish a real scale of values based on skills. At the exact opposite to the usual hype around. This most likely being the only way to be able to make objective comparisons.

More than ever, get yourselves ready to find nothing but what we think to be the best on these shores. And this for the single reason that we ain’t got not a single second for the rest!

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