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Barbara Roy – If You Want Me (Roy B. Records)

Classics: Barbara Roy And Ecastasy, Passion And Pain – If You Want Me (Roy B Records)

She dropped her most sought after classic -‘Touch And Go’ – back in 1976 as Ecstasy, Passion & Pain featuring Barbara Roy. She then would return the favor 7 years after as Barbara Roy And Ecstasy, Passion & Pain. This resulting in the groovy ‘If You Want Me’. An uplifting Disco/Funk jam with production work courtesy of Roy Bermingham, Herbert Csasznik and Jorge Barreiro

Barbara Roy formed Ecstasy, Passion & Pain back in the early 70’s. She stood as the only fixed member of the band.
They released their self-titled debut-LP back in 1974 on Roulette Records. An opus which would be their one and only effort together.

Among their biggest classics, its opening track, ‘Ask Me’. But also ‘If You Want Me’ released 7 years later on Roy B. Records. Not to mention ‘Touch And Go’ which they put out as Ecstasy Passion & Pain featuring Barbara Roy back in 1976.

Barbara Roy turned into a Gospel singer from the beginning of the 2000’s. Former bandmate, Joseph Williams, Jr. has been collaborating as a writer/arranger a couple of times with Hip-Hop famous N.W.A.. Meanwhile Ronald Foster acted in a similar domain, successively with the Four Tops in 1974 and Lucy Pearl in 2000.

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