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BeBe Winans – He Promised Me (Louie Vega Remix)

Single Of The Week: BeBe Winans feat. Tobbi & Tommi and Kiandra Richardson – He Promised Me (Louie Vega Extended Remix) (Nervous Records)

Louie Vega‘s connection with Nervous Records and its father/son founded Sam and Michael Weiss goes back to the label’s very early years. Thus, let’s not forget as to how Masters At Work brought the label Nuyorican Soul‘s first single ever by the likes of the ‘Nervous Track’. Meanwhile, as a New Yorker, Louie has naturally followed and supported the many releases which Sam Weiss has put out on his SAM Records label back at the time. Eventually coming to revamp some of them from a year to another. And nowadays delivering a 27 track collection by the likes of ‘NYC Disco – Extended Versions’.

Some of you might wonder about the presence of BeBe Winans‘ ‘He Promised Me’ in this selection though. As he never managed to release anything for the label. No more than he happened to have any connection with Disco as a matter of fact. But Winans‘s not the only one in this position at the end. As Louie has also included a remix of his of Luther Vandross‘ ‘Get Myself Together’. Therefore bringin’ extra value to this consistant effort. And I would tend to see both ‘He Promised Me’ and ‘Get Myself Together’ as some beautiful icings on the cake. With the latter on the heels of remixes Vega did in the past along with Kenny Dope for Winans and Vandross. In other words, ‘Thank You’ and ‘Are You Using Me’…

Unsurprisingly Louie comes up with 5 star arrangements. Meanwhile givin’ ‘He Promised Me’ a glamorous jazzy/funk feel. And in the meantime ideally enhancing the vocal performance of BeBe. But also the ones of the Kansas City, MO-based sisters Tobbi & Tommi and Kiandra Richardson. Meanwhile, reminding us as to how Disco’s always a part of the NYC vibes…

Download from Traxsource.

A six-time Grammy Award winner, Benjamin ‘BeBe’ Winans is the seventh child and youngest male of the the Detroit-based first family of Gospel music.
A multi-talented artist, BeBe is known as an inspirational and popular R&B vocalist, songwriter, and producer. Meanwhile he also produces and hosts his own radio show – Greenleaf – on Sunday mornings (09:00am ET / 07:00am PT) on the Heart & Soul Channel (68) on Sirius/XM Radio Networks. And he eventually acted along with friend Denzel Washington on ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ back in 2003. Then starred on Broadway’s Oprah Winfrey Presents The Color Purple with Chaka Khan amongst his credits.

Teaming with his younger sister, Priscilla ‘CeCe’, the duo first began crossing lines. This as “adopted children” of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker on the PTL television show. Their first tour, on which Whitney Houston proclaimed herself their “sister” and sang background for the siblings, set the tone for a very special career.

BeBe & CeCe Winans are the first true Christian crossover artists to hit the mainstream. From ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ to ‘Good Morning America’. Not to mention the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’… They have taken their message and presented it in a way that touched, moved and inspired wide audiences.
BeBe and CeCe are the first brother and sister to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They eventually moved forward to pursue their own solo endeavors in 1995. And together, they have nine successful gold and platinum recordings. Meanwhile some of you might remember of the outstanding ‘Heaven’. In other words, the title track of their 1988 album of the likes. A gem which stands among our all times favs here on IDMW

BeBe has made himself quite a reputation for his jaw dropping performances. With his sisters, brothers and on his own. On his 7 solo albums to date. But also on his guest performances with friends, he has achieved an iconic status. He eventually came up with another all time fav of us. This by the likes of the 1998 released ‘Thank You’ as produced and remixed by Masters At Work. With the story goin’ on in 2018. This with the inclusion of Louie Vega‘s remix of ‘He Promised Me’ featuring Tobbi & Tommi and Kiandra Richardson on his ‘NYC Disco – Extended Versions’ compilation for Nervous Records.

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