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Beverley Knight – Greatest Day ( Rhythm Series)

Classics: Beverley Knight – Greatest Day (Classic Mix) ( Rhythm Series)

“And I’m feeling… (Good). Could you qualify that? (Never better). And what day is today people? (The greatest day of my life, ah-ooh!) (Good).
Ohh (Never better ooh). And what day is it? (Whoah greatest day, greatest day)…”
That you can tell from the very first notes of this killer gem. With Beverley Knight most definitely singin’ her heart out. Thus brilliantly transmitting her feeling and, in the meantime, quite an uplifting message as a matter of fact.

Beverley Knight comin’ up with all the ingredients to make of this the “Greatest Day” of her life. With thanks to producer Mike Spencer along with a bunch of First League musicians. From bassist Derrick McIntyre to the Horny Horns. In other words, Maceo Parker (sax) and Fred Wesley (trombone) in addition to Richard ‘Kush’ Griffith and Rick Gardner (both on trumpet). Pretty much makin’ of this ‘Greatest Day’ one of the highlights of her 1998 ‘Prodigal Sista’ album. The whole most likely rersultin’ in a brilliant interpolation of Fat Larry’s Band‘s evergreen ‘Act Like You Know’.

You certainly don’t wanna miss this. And neither did we as a matter of fact!

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Born to Jamaican parents in Wolverhampton, Beverley Knight grew up in a strict Pentecostal household where church attendance was commonplace. It is here where she began her singing career as a matter of fact. Because of her parents’ religious beliefs, secular music was largely frowned upon. But artists such as Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin played a big part in her childhood.

Knight started writing her music by the age of 13 as a hobby. Eventually diggin’ deeper into it a few years later before meeting local songwriter Westley Jones who happened to signed to Dome publishing in London. This getting her to sign her first record deal with the label of the likes (Dôme Records) by the end of 1994.
Shortly after, she went in studio to write and record her debut-album (‘The B-Funk’). Meanwhile teamin’ up with luminaries such as 2B3, Ethnic Boyz and Blak Twang. Not to mention Don E (Beverley‘s cousin) who came up with additional beats.

The critics pretty much enthuzed about ‘The B-Funk’ as a matter of fact. Eventually tooting it as “the best British soul album ever…” But despite the fact that Knight went on to win two Black Music Awards in 1996, the commercial success of the album failed to match its critical success. This bringin’ the lady to soon after leave Dôme Records and switch to EMI via Parlophone. Then deliver her second effort – ‘Prodigal Sista’ – in August 1998 after havin’ returned to the studio with 2B3 and Don E and teamed up with new producers DJ Dodge and Carl McIntosh.

Its commercial success proved to be much greater than her debut. Thus selling 150,000 copies in Britain and spawning five top-40 hits. The biggest of which – ‘Greatest Day’ – remaining among her signature songs to date. And even more after its re-recording by the likes of Mike Spencer who gave it a more Disco feel. This while rebuilding it over fragments of Fat Larry’s Band‘s classic ‘Act Like You Know’.

Since then, Knight has released 6 extra albums, adding extra classics to her credit. From ‘Get Up!’ to ‘Shoulda Woulda Coulda’ and ‘Come As You Are’. As many gems which pretty much contributed havin’ her labelled a one of UK’s greatest Soul singers.

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