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Blackrock – The New York City Bump

Lost but not least! Blackrock – The New York City Bump (Black Rock Records)

More than 35 years have gone since the riot organized against Disco at the Demolition Night back on Jul. 12, 1979. And the genre has never felt like so alive. Therefore, what a snub to the countless of those would been claiming ‘Disco sucks’ along with time…

Of course, Disco has given birth to so many clichés at the time. But hasn’t this been the proper of the countless trends which have come to light since? But in the meantime, what a Goldmine Disco happened to be. And also remains, delivering countless hidden treasures for those of us who keep on searching. I suppose you now start knowing where I’m coming from when speakin’ of Blackrock‘s ‘The New York City Bump’ today…

What we most likely need to understand is that a track back then had to come thru so many challenges before getting a decent exposure. From its reception by the radio jocks, the DJ’s and the specialized press. To the distribution which was a nightmare back then in a country like America. This most likely explaining the amount of countless goodies which just got to the attention of a bunch of happy fews at the time.

Whatever would this be nowadays regarding Blackrock’s ‘The New York City Bump’? Kinda hard to say as things have so drastically changed in the meantime. One might guess though it would have benefited from more exposure with the help of Internet.

Anyway, kinda happy to pay it our props with a mention of it in our columns.

Standing among my all time favs, this killing obscure jam sounds like at the crossroad between Curtis Mayfield and Sylvester, with something of B.T. Express‘s ‘Do It’. But also Gwen Guthries‘s ‘Ain’t Nothing Going On But The Rent’. Somehow a Blaxploitation feel as well, as written and produced by Sonny Casella aka S.O.N.N.Y. (Sound Of New York) with mixing work courtesy of the great Tom Moulton.
A solid and timeless bumper, don’t you think?

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

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