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Bobby Thurston – Is Something Wrong With You

This Beat Is Mine! (*) Bobby Thurston – Is Something Wrong With You (Prelude)

Like a big majority of you, I suppose, I’m catching up the news of the world. With everyday bringin’ its bunch of sh** regarding catastrophes of all sorts. From hurricanes and tropical storms to earthquakes. And, if it wasn’t already enough, leaders of countries who, by their untimely statements, do nothing else but cast doubt on the fragile balance of the world. I just wanna address them the words of Bobby Thurtson: “Is something wrong with you? What makes you do the things you do?” Although I feel like already havin’ a part of the answer to a certain extend…

This situation reminds me the arguments kids already have at school. This resulting in playground jibes and claims as to how one’s got a bigger one than the other, and the kitchen sink. The difference though is that we’re speakin’ of people who’re in the position to destroy our planet from like a single click! We’re speaking’ of people who , despite standing at the epicenter of the information, seem like so ignorant. Ready to reproduce the mistakes of the past. And eventually generate some even bigger destruction…

Mr Trump, I don’t give a damn knowing you got bigger balls than Mr Putin and/or Mr Kim Jong-un or vice-versa. So let me ask you both: “Is something wrong with you? What makes you do the things you do?”
Besides, hasn’t any of you got anything better to do than spend indecent amount of money in weapons of all sorts when so many of the citizens of your respective countries are in need of a decent life? If not the rest of the world!!!

“Hey you, why don’t you get yourself together?!?” And give us a real break once for all.

We always can make it, as long as we want to give it a try. Can’t we?

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This Beat Is MineThis Beat Is Mine! (*)
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A native of WDC, Bobby Thurtson first sang backing vocals and played congas while at high school in a group named Spectrum Ltd. He eventually took over as the lead singer while having a job at the State Department.
He came to meet songwriting/production pair Willie Lester and Rodney Brown while performing one night. They latter signing him on their will to build up a stable of artists in the the vein of labels such as Philadelphia International Records.

Thurston released his debut-LP, ‘Sweetest Pie’ back in 1978 on Lester & Brown‘s Mainline Records label. He then switched to Prelude Records just like stable mates Sharon Redd and Gayle Adams. There, he got to higher recognition, most likely with ‘You Got What It Takes / Check Out The Groove’, from the album of the likes. Its follow-up – ‘The Main Attraction’ – didn’t get the same reception, despite the presence of the solid ‘Is Something Wrong With You’ and ‘Very Last Drop’. A situation which got him fading from view as Disco died out.

UK label Expansion Records released ‘Just Ask Me’ and ‘Foolish Man’ as 7 inches from his debut-album back in 2001.

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