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Bobby Thurston – Very Last Drop (Epic)

Lost but not least! Bobby Thurston – Very Last Drop (Epic)

In the right place at the right time seems pretty much what’s been missing back then for Bobby Thurston to get to the next level. Mind you, a year had gone since he’d met success with the classic ‘You Got What It takes’ in 1980. And one could already feel the progressive decline of Disco, on the heels of the sadly memorable Disco Demolition Night back on Jul. 12, 1979.

Even the label – Prelude Records – passed on its release as a single at the time. This showing quite a lot in regards of the potential they thought it had. ‘Very Last Drop’ nevertheless stands as one of the best songs Thurston ever had. The latter comin’ up with a one of a kind performance. Beautifully arranged by Al Johnson. With the whole standing as another top production work by the likes of Lester & Brown.

Thankfully, Epic UK, who had a licensing deal with Prelude, gave it a release. Even though it’s the album version and not a special 12″ at the end…

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Born in WDC, Bobby Thurtson first sang backing vocals and played congas while at high school in a group named Spectrum Ltd. He eventually took over as the lead singer while having a job at the State Department.
He cqame to meet songwriting/production pair Willie Lester and Rodney Brown while performing one night. They latter signing him on their will to build up a stable of artists in the the vein of labels such as Philadelphia International Records.

Thurston released his debut-LP, ‘Sweetest Pie’ back in 1978 on Lester & Brown‘s Mainline Records label. He then switched to Prelude Records just like stable mates Sharon Redd and Gayle Adams. There, he got to higher recognition, most likely with ‘You Got What It Takes / Check Out The Groove’, from the album of the likes. Its follow-up, – ‘The Main Attraction’ – didn’t get the same reception, despite the presence of the solid ‘Is Something Wrong With You’ and ‘Very Last Drop’. A situation which got him fading from view as Disco died out.

UK label Expansion Records released ‘Just Ask Me’ and ‘Foolish Man’ as 7 inches from his debut-album back in 2001.

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