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Brass Construction – Movin’ (12 inch version)

Most Wanted! Brass Construction – Movin’ (United Artists Records)

Infectious in all senses of the term… Here we have the first word comin’ to mind when thinkin’ of ‘Movin”. A quick listen to its… construction and you understand you’re in front of a one of a kind jam. With thanks to its rhythmic construction. A complex blend of guitar, keyboard and horn lines which producers Randy Muller and Jeff Lane have brilliantly crafted. With the whole serving as a killer tool to a simple yet upfliting message.

One of the definitive highlights (if not the band’s signature cut) from their 1975 eponymous album. This, along with ‘Changin” and ‘Love’.

Strange though as to how the label passed on releasing it as as 12″ single Stateside. Although its UK label branch would repair the injustice 3 years after with an album full length version. Exactly following what happened to Ben E. King‘s ‘Supernatural Thing’ on Warners.

Besides, I wouldn’t that surprised hearing Glenn Underground somehow had ‘Movin” in mind. This when he came to remix ‘I Missed The Boat’ for Emilie Nana back in 2009…

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

– The brainchild of Randy Muller, Brass Construction saw the light in the late 60’s, releasing their debut-single – ‘Two Timin’ Lady’ – back in 1970 on Docc Records. They disbanded in 1985 after the release of their 10th album – ‘Conquest’ on Capitol.
They established a unique identifiable sound, made of a blend of string, synth and horn lines over infectious bass-driven grooves. Mostly remembered for the seminal ‘Movin” and ‘Changin” taken from their eponymous debut-album back in 1975, they nevertheless delivered countless goodies. From ‘Ha Cha Cha (Funktion)’ to ‘Music Makes You Feel Like Dancing’. But also ‘Can You See The Light’ and ‘Walkin’ The Line’ in the first half of the eighties.

(*) Brass Construction reunited for a concert on Nov. 28, 2005 at the Bataclan Arena in Paris, France (* Wikipedia)

BC drummer Larry Payton sadly died on March, 21, 2016. He and Randy Muller met while they were both at George Gershwin Junior High School. They founded together a band called Dynamic Soul which eventually became the nucleus of Brass Construction.

Jeff Lane established himself as a major force in the production from the mid-70’s, most likely working alongside Randy Muller. His name is firmly associated to the ones of B.T. Express and Brass Construction. Not to mention Garnett Mimms, Mark Radice, Mandrill and Spider Webb.

– Born in Guyana, Randy Muller relocated to Brooklyn, NY where he first took up music at Thomas Jefferson High School. There, he made friends with Solomon Roberts, Jr. and Jeff Lane with whom he would establish some solid partnership along with time.

Muller started arranging songs for Jeff Lane‘s group B.T. Express. Meanwhile the latter became his partner, producing early material for his group, Brass Construction.

A multi-instrumentist, Randy established himself as the driving force of the latter, Skyy, Funk Deluxe and First Circle. This resulting in an incredible series of standards. From ‘Movin” to ‘Love’, ‘Ha Cha Cha’ and ‘Music Makes You Feel Like Dancing’. But also ‘Can You See The Light’ or ‘Walkin’ The Line’ for Brass Construction. Then ‘First Time Around’, ‘Let’s Celebrate’ and ‘Here’s To You’. This in addition to ‘Call Me’, ‘Skyyzoo’, ‘This Groove Is Bad’ and ‘Show Me The Way’ for Skyy. Not to mention ‘This Time’ and ‘Workin’ Up A Sweat’, respectively for Funk Deluxe and Full Circle.

The depository of an instantly recognizable sound, he has collaborated with countless artists. From Garnet Mimms to Charles Earland. But also Mark Radice and Tamiko Jones. Meanwhile he would bring Rafael Cameron to sign a record deal with Salsoul Records. This resulting in extra goodies such as ‘Magic Of You’, ‘Funtown U.S.A.’, ‘All That’s Good To Me’. And last but not least ‘Boogie’s Gonna Get You’ with remix work courtesy of François K.

Still in activity nowadays, Randy runs his own label, Plaza Records, which he launched back in 1988.
Also a flautist, ‘Livin’ In Da Rhythm’ saw him more recently exploring jazzy territories under his Randy Muller Boom Chang Bang guise. Meawnhile he also ventured sporadically into House such as on the firing ‘Devotion’ and on ‘Worm Theory’ as… Worm Theory.

His natural penchant seeing him returning to Soul and Funk vibes along with Carolyn Harding back in 2017 on the blowing ‘Beautiful Feelin”. This with additional remixes courtesy of Nigel Lowis.

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