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Louie Vega & Agev Munsen + Anané – BSC Ubatuba

Classics: Louie Vega And Agev Munsen feat. Anané – BSC Ubatuba Remixes (Agev Munsen Remix) (NuLu)

Ubatuba… From the Tupi words “Uyba” (“arrows” or “canoes”) and “tuba” (“many”).
As a matter of fact, Ubatuba was the place where the Portuguese signed the first treaty of peace of the Americas with the Tupinambá Indians. In other words, the Treaty of Peace of Yperoig. A treaty that kept Brazil in Portuguese hands, with only one language and one faith (Catholicism).

Just like DJ Mémé, Edground Grooveland and Claudio Mansur aka Brazilian Soul Crew (BSC) have contributed putting Brazilian House Music on the map since their debut in the early 2000’s. Meanwhile releasing a whole bunch of gems on labels such as Grooveland Music, Abicah Soul Records and NuLu to name a few.

A firing ode to the city of the name in their native country, ‘Ubatuba’ appeared on various remixes. With our preference goin’ to Agev Munsen‘s bumpin’ delivery. This from a rearrangement by the likes of Louie Vega. With Anané echoing to Kenny Hwang‘s hypnotic incantation. This while highlighting the beauty of Ubatuba. A spot where the divine beaches are sometimes showered with rain. Thus cleansing one’s mind and spirit.

Quite a seducing postcard at the end. Don’t you think?

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