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Cameo – Skin I’m In (Album Version)

This Beat Is Mine! Cameo – Skin I’m In (Atlanta Artists)

And the sh** looks like back for another round in Italy. A country which my grand parents left by the mid-20’s. This after Prime Minister Benito Mussolini had turned the country from a democracy to a dictatorship.

Thank God, I’m been raised away from those so to say ‘Skin I’m In’ considerations. Most likely enjoying my childhood along with kids from everywhere regardless their origins or the color of their skin. Then transmitting my legacy to my own children.

Besides, I can’t help remaining allergic to expressions of intolerance upon race, religious or social matters. As many things which bring me back to ‘Skin I’m In’. An intoxicating and sadly timeless message by the likes of Cameo who, once more, made the proof of their definitive versatility.

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A native of NYC, Lawrence Ernest Blackmon developed an interest in music during his childhood. Every Sunday after church, he attended shows at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Eventually gaining inspiration from artists such as James Brown, Otis Redding and/or The Temptations.
He started his formal music training at junior High School. Then he came to put together a succession of groups including The Mighty Gees, East Coast then The New York City Players. A name he soon after had to change, turnin’ it into Cameo, to avoid confusion with the Ohio Players.

The first recordings of Blackmon bring us back to 1973 and the release of the East Coast‘s eponymous album. There one could see him jammin’ along with the late Gwen Guthrie on vocals. But also pianist/keyboardist Gregory Johnson who would be a member of Cameo between 1976 and 1982. And trombonist/bassist Patrick Grant who happened to write ‘Supernatural Thing’ for the late Ben E. King back in 1975.

Cameo dropped their debut-album – ‘Cardiac Arrest’ – back in 1977 on Casablanca Records via Chocolate City. Makin’ some noise in the charts with cuts such as ‘Rigor Mortis’ and ‘We All Know Who We Are’. Meanwhile their 1979 ‘Secret Omen’ effort opened an impressive series of 5 gold albums in a row. Spanning extra gems such as ‘Shake Your Pants’, ‘Keep It Hot’ and ‘Freaky Dancin” among others.

By that time Cameo got runnin’ around a nucleus of 4 members. In other words, Blackmon, Tomi Jenkins, Nathan Leftenant and Charlie Singleton. They also relocated in Atlanta, GA where Blackmon launched his Atlanta Artists record label. And their sound had also slightly changed. Blending 70’s Funk with 80’s technology and opening their most successful period commercially speakin’. Givin’ birth to a continuous series of firing tracks until the beginning of the 90’s. From ‘She’s Strange’ to ‘Single Life’ and ‘Attack Me With Your Love’. Then ‘Word Up!’, ‘Candy’, She’s Mine’ and ‘Back And Forth’. Not to mention ‘Skin I’m In’ or the bumpin’ ‘I Want It Now’ which saw them flirting with Swingbeat back in 1990.

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