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Caroline Crawford – Coming On Strong (Mercury)

Most Wanted! Caroline Crawford – Coming On Strong (Mercury)

‘Coming On Strong’… What a better title to depict Caroline Crawford‘s performance! Her most famous track, as a matter of fact, taken from her ‘My Name Is Caroline’ album. Bohannon eventually producing it in his instantly recognizable bouncing funky style.

Missed it at the time? Fel free to give it a listen then let us know about your thoughts…

– Born in Detroit, Caroline Crawford started singing back up vocals for many Motown acts in the early 60’s. She secured her first record deal with Motown at the age of 13.

The lady would get to a wider recognition though as the lead singer of Bohannon. She released two solo albums which the latter produced back in 1978 and 1979. She made a comeback 11 years later on Ian Levine‘s Motorcity Records. This resulting in the release of her final album featuring UK Northern Soul hit ‘Timeless’.

– So much has been said regarding artists like Jimi Hendrix or James Brown who revolutionized music. The first with his guitar play. And the second with his innate sense of the groove. But so few in comparison in regards to Bohannon despite his consistant CV.
A man who got recruited in 1964 as drummer in the then 13-year-old Stevie Wonder‘s touring band. A man who provided backing for many of Motown’s top acts on tour, including Marvin Gaye or The Temptations among others.

His formula? A blend of heavy, thudding bass accents and aggressive rhythms on some psychedelic funk mood. This therefore leading to uplitfing tracks such as ‘Foot Stompin’ Music’, ‘Disco Stomp’ and ‘Dance Your Ass Off’.

He would get his most significant successes though soon after signing with Mercury. From the memorable ‘Let’s Start The Dance’ to ‘Me And The Gang’ and ‘Cut Loose’ to a lesser extend.

As a producer, Bohannon almost limited himself to work with Caroline Crawford who was a member of his crew. Many are those who sampled his music though, beginning with Chicago House DJ/producer Paul Johnson on the 1999 released ‘Get Get Down’…

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