Mon. Nov. 29, 2021

Caviar – Never Stop Loving You

Most Wanted! Caviar – Never Stop Loving You (Survivor Records)

Curiosity killed the cat seems to be the word regarding this jam. With the cat being no one else but yours truly!
I was selling a bunch of vinyls on eBay when the listing of a collegue of mine caught up my attention. I never understood though how he managed to have so many goodies on offer from a fortnight to another. A quick listen to this goodie and I decided it would have to be mine. And, hopefully, this happened to be the case at the end…

Its strings arrangements which, for some reason, reminded me of L.A.X.‘s ‘Possessed’, instantly overwhelmed me. Not to mention the song itself and its beautiful interpretation.

New (re)mixes of ‘Never Stop Loving You’ appeared recently although they never managed to beat the original version.

A quick look at Google suffices to state there’s not that much about Caviar. Nevertheless, they managed to record an album which, for some reason, got released 27 years after on French defunct label Boogie Times Records. With the single credited to Caviar featuring Ronnie Canada although no mention happened to be made of him back in the day.

In charge of the mixing work, Rusty Gardner is responsible for some 70 remixes to date. Meanwhile producer John Atkins has some writing / arrangements work credit with Guru and Method Man & Blackman.

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

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