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Cerrone – Music Of Life (Malligator)

Lost but not least! Cerrone – Music Of Life (Malligator)

French Disco Don Marc Cerrone in a quite unusual mood back in 1978 with the underrated ‘Music Of Life’. The challenge happened to be quite big for him back then. In other words, coming up with the right follow-up to the quite futuristic ‘Supernature’ album. A challenge which he successively achieved on his fourth installment. This while going back to some Euro Disco flavors.

Most likely led by the memorable ‘Je suis music’ and its socio-political concerns, ‘Cerrone IV’ also featured the sparkling ‘Music Of Life’. A sophisticated jam arranged by Don Ray, which he built on a Bossa/Jazz rhythm pattern. Hard to not find a connection with Grace Jones‘ version of ‘La vie en rose’ as a matter of fact. Meanwhile, here we are left with another illustration of pure hedonism at the end…

‘Music Of Live’ eventually appeared as the flipside of ‘Je suis music’. Although it would pretty much have deserved a release on its own. Meanwhile transient British Acid Jazz band Paprika Soul gave it an outstanding cover version some 24 years after. This on their second and final album, ‘Into The Light’…

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– The son of Italian migrants, Cerrone got himself stuck to the music of Otis Redding by the age of 12. He soon after discovered Santana and Jimi Hendrix.
I remember him telling me how the French record execs rejected his music back in the day. They obviously didn’t understand it. Nor its construction based on a quite unusual 4X4 beat at the time. He nevertheless released his debut-album – ‘Love In C Minor’ – on his own Malligator label. And eventually got a recording deal with Atlantic Records in America.
The rest would become history for the drummer. Be it on his own as along with Kongas, Alec R. Constandinos and Don Ray.

Cerrone made himself a reputation while standing apart from anything else. Musically as visually speaking. This in addition to his spectacular live performances.
‘Love In C Minor’, but also ‘Supernature’, ‘Give Me Love’ and ‘Je suis music’ stand as his pivotal successes. If not ‘Look For Love’ or ‘Music Of Life’. And just like Giorgio Moroder, he also ventured into soundtracks. He eventually supplied music scores for films such as ‘Brigade Mondaine I, II and III’. Not to mention the music for the onstage French version of ‘Clockwork Orange’ in 2006. This in addition to his activities as a producer. Eventually co-producing Don Ray‘s 1978 ‘The Garden Of Love’. An effort that spanned the classic ‘Got To Have Loving’ and ‘Standing In The Rain’.

– Born Raymond Donnez, Don Ray came to recognition during the second half of the 70’s, playing keyboards on Cerrone‘s albums ‘Love In C Minor’, ‘IV’, ‘VI’, and ‘VIII’. Thus contributing to his biggest classics. From ‘Love In C Minor’ to ‘Supernature’, ‘Give Me Love’ and ‘Je suis music’. But also ‘Look For Love’ and ‘Music Of Life’.

An arranger and producer as well, he collaborated with Alex R. Costandinos and later on with Madleen Kane. He also was a member of Kongas along with Cerrone, a collective mostly remembered for their ‘Africanism’ album released back in 1977. The year after seeing him releasing what would be his one and only album. In other words, ‘The Garden Of Love’ which he co-produced with Cerrone. Itself remembered for the memorable ‘Got To Have Loving’ and ‘Standing In The Rain’

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