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Change – Hit Or Miss (Album Version)

Tennerz: Change – Hit Or Miss (Album Version) (Original Disco Culture)

You, familiar with these shores, have probably noticed as to how Change has always had a special meaning to us. Synonymous with a stellar Disco/Funk sound which pretty much established itself as a signature. This from their very beginning along with the late Luther Vandross (remember ‘The Glow Of Love’). But also with The B.B.& Q. Band, High Fashion or Zinc. Not to mention Ritchie Family.

Thirty-five years have gone since (by the time writing these lines). And the good news is that Change‘s main protagonists are back for an excting new round. And by its main protagonists, I mean Italian musician, songwriter, arranger and producer Mauro Malavasi who crafted their sound at the time in his Bologna-based studio. But also bassist and composer Davide Romani. This before executive producer Jacques Fred Petrus came to hire extra producers such as Timmy Allen then Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis respectively in 1984 and 1985.

Thirty-five years have gone since. And their sound hasn’t lost an ounce of its original refinement. With thanks to an impressive line-up of musicians behind lead singer Tanya Michelle Smith. With ‘Hit Or Miss’, the first offshot from their freshly squeezed new album – ‘Love 4 Love’ – somehow comin’ up as a follow-up to gems such as ‘Heaven Of My Life’ or ‘Hold Tight’.

Hard to believe we passed on this back then. Although ‘Hit Or Miss’ came to light just by the time we started to work on the final updating of our data basis which isn’t totally finished as of now. But I guess it’s never too late to pay our props to people we love. Don’t you think?

On top of that, ‘Hit Or Miss’ brings us the opportunity to enjoy another top quality singer on the heels of Luther Vandross and James Robinson. Meanwhile the full album, which you can check from there, is full of goodies that are destined to keep us busy during the comin’ weeks/months…

Download from Traxsource.

‘Hit Or Miss’ is also available with alternative remixes courtesy of Soulpersona.

The end of the 70’s saw the establishment of a new team en route for worldwide recognition in the Disco/Funk circuit. On one hand, Jacques Fred Petrus, a French West Indies native who would act as an executive producer. And on the other, Mauro Malavasi, an Italian musician, songwriter, arranger and producer who crafted their sound in his Bologna-based studio. A song which he elaborated with bass player Davide Romani and guitarist Paolo Gianolio.

They started their collaboration back in 1978. Delivering no less than two albums. Respectively for Macho and Peter Jacques Band. With both of them in a typical Italian Disco vein.

1980 marked a big change for them artistically speaking. This with the arrival of Change‘s ‘The Glow Of Love’ album. An album which saw them defining a new standard and, in the meantime, a signature sound in the Disco/Funk circuit. With thanks to cuts such as ‘A Lover’s Holiday’ or ‘Angel In My Pocket’ featuring Jocelyn Brown. It also brought Luther Vandross to the first league with gems such as its title track and ‘Searching’. But also The B.B.& Q. Band (‘On The Beat’, ‘All Night Long’, ‘Starlette’). Then High Fashion (‘Feelin’ Lucky Lately’) or Zinc (‘Street Level’, ‘Punkulation’) to a lesser extend. And, last but not least, Ritchie Family (‘I’ll Do My Best (For You Baby)’)

Change released 6 albums between 1980 and 1985 and an impressive series of classics in the meantime. From ‘The Glow Of Love’ and ‘Searching’. To ‘Hold Tight’, ‘Heaven Of My Life’ and ‘The Very Best In You’. Not to mention ‘Change Of Heart’ and ‘You Are My Melody’ with production work courtesy of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. And, last but not least, the Nick Martinelli produced ‘Mutual Attraction’ back in 1985.

An accusation of tax evasion by the US Internal Revenue Service hit Petrus back in 1986. As a result, he put his activities on hold and fled to his native Guadeloupe. He got shot a few months after, in the late Spring of 1987, reportedly by a Swiss man whom he’d had a dispute with a few hours before at his owned club L’Elysée Matignon in Le Gosier…

Change eventually came to release an extra album – their seventh – back in 2010. But it was more of a collection that should have seen the light twenty years before.

2018 sees them back to the forefront along with Mauro Malavasi and Davide Romani, a new line-up of singers and musicians and a new album by the likes of ‘Love 4 Love’.

An effort comin’ up with all the ingredients that made Change sounding like no other back in the ealy 80’s. In other words, a stellar Disco/Funk approach. Itself enlightened by the presence of First League singers along with lush arrangements. This resulting in an impressive amount of goodies from ‘Hit Or Miss’ to ‘All My Life’. But also ‘Make Me Go Crazy’ in a vein somehow reminding of Bruno Mars‘ ’24K Magic’. These in addition to ‘Living In Your Love’, ‘How Will We’ and its title track with remixing work by the likes of Joey Negro. Not to mention a couple of remixes of classics such as ‘Searching’ and ‘Oh What A Feeling’ featuring respectively Luther Vandross and Deborah Cooper.

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