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Clara Hill – Lonely Glow (Original)

Tennerz: Clara Hill – Lonely Glow (King Britt Archive)

‘Lonely Glow’ or what would life ever be without those opening new boundaries??? Most likely like clicking on Repeat on a tape recorder, don’t you think? Hopefully some of us do, or should I say dare doin’. And this, regardless the risk they may take in a world where comfort tends to be synoymous with conformism. A word which obviously isn’t a part of Berlin-based singer Clara Hill‘s vocabulary.

No wonder to such extend why she teamed up with Philly-based producer (and also long time friend) King Britt on this new chapter of her venture. This resulting in like Ultra HD Ambient/Soul. Such as this sultry song vibrantly shows it. Bringing us to smooth Electronic territories adding much to the lady’s vocal performance.

The first offshot from her new album, ‘Lonely Glow’ comes up with additional remixes courtesy of Atjazz among others which definitely shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Download from Bleep.

Berlin native singer/musician Clara Hill has made herself quite a reputation in the Acid Jazz/Electronica circuit. Therefore opening new paths in various musical genres. A versatility which allowed her to work with a whole bunch of pioneers. From Jazzanova to King Britt and Marc Mac (4Hero). Not to mention Atjazz, Vikter Duplaix and Dixon to name a few.

Falling in love with the Fender Rhodes electric piano at age 17, she formed local Acid Jazz duo Superjuice (though the duo later worked as Hill & Funès). Building up a nice following in Berlin’s many dance clubs. This is how Hill met DJ Alexander Barck of the Jazzanova‘s fame. In 1998, Barck pressed her talents upon fellow Jazzanova producers Stefan Leisering and Axel Reinemer, who were taken aback by Hill‘s soothing vocals.

Leisering decided to produce one of her first songs, ‘No Use’. A cut which eventually found its space on Jazzanova‘s ‘In Between’ album 4 years later.

Before Jazzanova launched their Sonar Kollektiv label, Hill had put together another group – Stereoton – in 1997. A Hip-Hop/Jazz band whose music found extra exposure on the label’s early compilations. It became clear that the experience with Jazzanova helped her to evolve into a singer who could stand on her own. Thus, in early 2004, Sonar Kollektiv suitably released her first solo album, ‘Restless Times’.

Since then, Clara Hill has released 4 extra albums. With the latest – ‘Pendulous Moon’ – back in 2016 on KingBrittArchives. An offering you might remember of for the inclusion of the sultry ‘Lonely Glow’. Meanwhile, she also came to collaborate with Mark De Clive-Lowe on Kid Fonque & D-Malice‘s debut-single ‘All This Time’.

More recently, Clara has landed her voice on Sir LSG‘s ‘Circles’ as a part of his upcoming album.

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