Sun. Dec. 05, 2021

Classen Collective – Close To Greatness (Remix)

Lost but not least! Classen Collective – Close To Greatness (Deep Joy Mix) (JCR)

Close to greatness… Brought to such good music back in the day when Ashley Beedle used to work at Blackmarket Records would be the cement of our long time friendship. And therefore a good reason to listen to his suggestions regarding talents around.

This is exactly how I got to check Uschi Classen whom he’d collaborated with on albums by the likes of Black Science Orchestra and the Ballistic Brothers… And this is exactly how I did with Berlin-based collective Jazzanova when they signed her along with Marc Woolford and Tonny Svensson as Classen Collective on their JCR imprint by the end of the 1990’s…

The result being the aptly titled ‘Close To Greatness’. An impressive atmospheric deep dive into Nu-Jazz/Broken Beat vibes where musicianship and hi-sensibility stand out as the key words.

‘Close To Greatness’ is a stand out chillin’ jazzy masterpiece. Somehow reminding some of the experiences of Carl Craig under his Innerzone Orchestra guise like ‘Bug In The Bass Bin’…

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