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Columbus Circle – If You Read My Mind

Most Wanted! Columbus Circle – If You Read My Mind (Elektra)

Strange as to how the amalgamation of details may turn things into a lifetime event at the end. This being pretty much the case regarding the memorable ‘If You Read My Mind’ by the likes of Columbus Circle. From its title which, to a certain extend, happened to be sort of premonitory. To its genesis. Not to mention the choice of such a guise. Let’s get back to the early 80’s…

Disco, although still in the memories, is now behind. With thanks to the promoters of the Demolition Night! But Dance Music is still around with its dominant sound at the time highly makin’ space to synthesizers over funk rhythms. This along with groups such as The System, D-Train, The Jammers and Trilark to name a few.

At the time, a newby (Scott Yahney) has a meeting with an Elektra Records executive with a production of his. He is 22 years old, totally unknown and, as a matter of fact, doesn’t have a single clue as to how things work in the record industry. On top of that, he’s white, which is far from usual in regards to the music he does. And last but not least, he is a one man does it all as opposed to a group.

A virtual nobody in music at the time, the label refused to release his own version. Meanwhile givin’ it to Zanzibar DJ Tee Scott for some remixing work. As for the name to come up with this release, the record exec suggested Columbus Circle which is where the Elektra Records office was at the time. With the rest, so to say, being history. From Columbus Circle‘s ‘If You Read My Mind’ becoming a Paradise Garage classic to a #10 position in the Billboard Dance Chart.

Despite such a promising debut, Columbus Circle never managed to be given the opportunity to deliver a follow-up though. And the fact that executive producer Raymond Espinosa‘s name could soon after be seen on a couple of releases on Streetsounds is probably no stranger to that…

Such a mess at the end. Somehow reminding what happened to Trussel around the release date of their infectious ‘Love Injection’. And this, on the same label: Elektra!

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

A songwriter, a musician and a producer hailing from NYC, Scott Yahney has been playing in all kinds of bands since he was 15. Growing up with classic Rock and Dance/Boogie, he most likely admits havin’ two sides. A workaholic, he wrote many songs in the early 80’s. Beginning with ‘If You Read My Mind’ which would get him to sign a record deal with Elektra Records and release it as Columbus Circle back in 1982. This would be a one off unfortunately for him. Yahney admitting soon after that he should have used his own name and establish himself as an artist.

He eventually released the Electro/Breakbeat ‘Sally Boy’ under his own name back in 1986 on Oak Lawn Records. And would most likely establish himself as both a musician and producer. Collaborating with Sweet Life on ‘I Get Lifted’ back in 1983 on West End Records. And, more recently with Anané on ‘Shake It’ back in 2008. Not to mention former Tower Of Power‘s singer Brent Carter on ‘So Smooth’ which we give you a listen to thereafter.

Brent Carter – So Smooth

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