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Convertion – Let’s Do It (Louie Vega Boogie Mix)

Single Of The Week: Convertion feat. Leroy Burgess – Let’s Do It (Louie Vega Boogie Mix) (Nurvous Records)

Flashback to the beginning of the 80’s. Back then, the main criteria to program music – at least for some – was based upon quality. In other words, miles away from the manoeuvres in the background between the record industry and the radios resulting in the countless crap that can get to our ears nowadays.

Therefore, no need saying as to how, coming from an underground label on top of that, ‘Let’s Do It’ would hardly get any significant airing today. But, as I said, we were back then at the beginning of the 80’s. And back at the time, one man – Frankie Crocker – would do whatever he could on NYC radio WBLS to support what he believed to be good for his audience. Eventually joinin’ Larry Levan at The Paradise Garage and seein’ him testin’ new music in front of his crowd during the weekend. Then eventually programmin’ it the following Monday on the radio…

Referring to the recorded tapes I received from a week to another, no doubt as to how ‘Let’s Do It’ made its way to become a WBLS Classic. Mind you, Crocker had an ear with no equal, constantly blowing our ears with quality material.

Strange though as to how Convertion didn’t get any further than a couple of singles. And this despite the presence of luminaries such as Leroy Burgess and Fred McFarlane in their line up. Not to mention Greg Carmichael‘s production work that speaks for itself.

Let’s do it! And they did it pretty well as a matter of fact. Delivering an infectious midtempo bumper blending insane synths effects with a jazzy piano line over a funky bass driven rhythm part. With killer vocal arrangements…

With its mastertapes mislaid, this vault from Sam Weiss‘s SAM Records label, is given a new life on his son’s (Mike Weiss) Nurvous Records imprint. With Louie Vega remaining quite true to its original spirit as a matter of fact…

Download from Traxsource.

– A singer, songwriter, keyboardist, arranger and producer, Leroy Burgess stands as a key figure in the NYC Disco scene. He started as a backing singer for Black Ivory at the age of 17 and would write most of the band’s hits, beginning with the seminal ‘Mainline’.
Burgess is also remembered for his countless collaborations with Patrick Adams. Be it as a member of Inner Life (along with Jocelyn Brown), The Universal Robot Band or Bumblebee Unlimited. But he also happened to work with producer Greg Carmichael under the Convertion guise. A transient act whom you might remember for ‘Let’s Do It’ which Frankie Crocker heavily championed back then on WBLS. With Louie Vega givin’ it a revamp back in 2015.

As a solo artist (he also recorded as Logg), Leroy Burgess scored a substantial amount of club hits such as ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘(You’ve) Got That Something’ and ‘I Know You Will’.

He joined Taharqa and Tunde Ra Aleem to form Aleem (later known as The Fantastic Aleems) in the mid-80’s. Together, they would drop gems such as ‘Get Loose, ‘Confusion’ and ‘Love’s On Fire’. They also produced the memorable ‘Over Like A Fat Rat’ for Fonda Rae.

Meanwhile, joining forces with artists of the current times was just like a natural progression for him. Collaborating with luminaries such as The Sunburst Band, Cool Million and Yam Who? But also Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart. With his latest delivery – ‘More Love’ – seeing him sharing the duties with NYC vet DJ/Producer Kenny Carpenter.

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