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Copy and Paste? (an open letter to Quincy Jones)

Copy and Paste? Not for us! (no more than for you...)Copy and Paste? Not for us! Oh yes, I guess I can say I spend a lot of time on Internet. Besides how could it ever be different whenever runnin’ a site??? From its (daily) updates. To the current refurbishing process of our older publications. Not to mention the necessary research work to come up with the most relevant content as possible. And, by that, some originality to hopefully make you feel like nowhere else whenever gracing us with your visits. This, per definition, excluding what you may have seen elsewhere…

I suppose many of you, just like myself, have at least already felt once as to how the content looks so similar from one site to another. With many self-proclaimed writers reproducing what they’ve seen somewhere else or been sent by the PR people. Meanwhile figuring that’s enough.

What a lack of respect though at the end. In regards to their own selves. Thus displaying their own unability to come up with some personal input. But, and most likely even more, as far as you, the readers are concerned.

Sign of the current times we’re livin’? That could well be the case at the end. As how to not be tempted to make a parallel between a major part of the current music making process and what we may come to read on the blogosphere? In other words, an obvious tendency to provide you with things you might have partly seen or heard before. Ah, the joy of copy and paste!

Don’t get me wrong though, as we also happen to copy and paste things here or there. But this to further illustrate our content whenever needed. And this, without ever forgetting to quote our sources at the end. Just like those who felt they could bring an original version of a song to a different level when covering it. Or others coming up with a real creation out of samples cleverly chosen. Not to mention those who happen to enhance the quality on an existing work via a remix or an edit. But these are most likely the works of people who have a culture, a know how. Meaning an obvious taste and the talent to do it. And this as opposed to countless wannabes around, anonymous or not. Including those which the corporate media have unfortunately managed to erect as some of the nowadays superstars!

No name dropping though. They have already enough quotes here or there. And, as already said, we think we do better while putting our focus on those we believe to be true. But I can’t help myself wondering how mediocrity and definitive laziness have become dominant for so long when so many talents remain hidden in the shadow. This as a reference to a recent Quincy Jones interview on Vulture. The latter saying in substance… “Music is emotion and science. You don’t have to practice emotion because that comes naturally. Technique is different. If you can’t get your finger between three and four and seven and eight on a piano, you can’t play. You can only get so far without technique.”

As many words comin’ up as an echo to a conversation I had by the beginning of the 2000’s with François K“The first thing coming to my mind would be the lack of ideas. I guess I’ve had the time to think about it along all these years. I tend to figure there were people back in the day who had like a rich vocabulary with thousands of words which helped them to talk precisely to each other. Meanwhile you would see now a majority people like stammering, repeating the same word a 100 times because of a vocabulary almost reduced to zero…

And how could it ever be different at the end? With an ever more performing technology allowing us to do all sorts of things. And by that tending to let us think we can go from A to Z without havin’ ever heard of B, J, P or whatever. Meanwhile showing one of its obvious downsides as allowing the illusion to prevail as opposed to real skills which suppose education and hard work, like it or not.

Copy and Paste? Not for us! No more than for you on these shores. As a matter of fact, we don’t need no more excuses for mediocrity which we don’t even get at the end, do we?

Editorials: Copy and Paste? Not for us!

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