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Crazy P – Never Gonna Reach Me (Remix)

Most Wanted! Crazy P – Never Gonna Reach Me (Remix) (20:20 Vision)

Would it ever be of any help tellin’ you how we’ve never been into the fragmentation of music? A process which has given birth to the countless categories in use nowadays. Their ridiculous amount obviously engendering the opposite to what was supposedly intended at the end.

Anyway, here we go with Crazy P‘s ‘Never Gonna Reach Me’. And, by that, quite probably what would have been our track of the year back in 2009, if our site had been operational at the time. Most likely reminding of Jimmy Bo Horne‘s ‘Is It In’ with its slammin’ bassline. But also of Sharon Redd‘s ‘Can You Handle It’ in terms of overall flow. The whole with a Third Millenium updated approach. With Chris Todd aka Hot Toddy addin’ that little something of Chic – in other words some infectious rhytmic guitar parts – around Danielle Moore‘s one of a kind vocal performance. This with little fragments of Candido‘s ‘Thousand Finger Man’.

Released back then, chances are great ‘Never Gonna Reach Me’ would have been a serious contender for supremacy on the floors.
You might see it rated here as House. There as Nu-Disco, if not Indie Dance. But ‘Never Gonna Reach Me’ is nothing but an updated version of how Disco/Funk would have sounded nowadays. Even though its lyrics may somehow seem far from the hedonism expressed back then. Meanwhile pretty much recapturing a feeling a big majority of us have experienced one day or another… “Can you hear me breathing? Told you it was OK to smile, but you might crack your face up. Should’nt have drank that vodka with you, I think I rather left you. I don’t know what to say. You’re never gonna reach me. You’re never gonna reach me.”

In the caliber musically as in terms of lyrics of Sneaky Sound System‘s ‘Friends’ as remixed by Plastic Plates. Don’t you think?

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Not to be missed with the famous Irish drink of the likes. In other words, a blend of liquor and water with honey, herbs and spices… Hot Toddy is the nickname of Chris Todd. A studio guru who, along with Nottingham University pal Jim Baron, gave birth to Crazy Penis in the mid-90’s. Crazy Penis becoming a 5 member-combo in 2002 with the arrivals of bassist Tim Davies, percussionist Mav Kendricks and vocalist Danielle Moore.

Crazy Penis, who turned their name into Crazy P in 2008, have released a total of 10 studio albums so far. With the first – ‘A Nice Hot Bath With…’ – back in 1999 and the last to date – ‘Walk Dance Talk Sing’ – 16 years later. Eventually putting an end to a 4 years hiatus during the Summer 2017. This, with a 4 track EP – ‘True Light’ – featuring ‘One True Light’. Meanwhile, Hot Toddy has released 2 albums on his own. Beginning with ‘Super Magic’ back in 2000 and ‘Late Night Boogie’ 10 years after. Establishing himself in the meantime as an in-demand remixer.

How could we ever forget about his rework of Crazy P‘s ‘Never Gonna Reach Me’ back in 2009? Not to mention the reconstruction he did on the Lovebirds‘ ‘Want You In My Soul’ in 2011. Or his remix of Kraak & Smaak‘s ‘Back Again’ more recently! But also his rework of Soul Clap featuring Nona Hendricks‘ ‘Shine (This Is It)’. With Joey Negro‘s ‘Stomp Your Feet’ adding itself to the list.

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