Mon. Nov. 29, 2021

Crazy P – One True Light (Original)

First Listen: Crazy P – One True Light (Original) (Classic Music Company)

Nu Disco… Say wot?!? I can already feel the scepticism of some of you at the simple mention of this genre. And how could it ever be different with the latter serving as the ground for a whole bunch of wannabes to try makin’ themselves a name while recycling others’s material into endless loops. In other words, miles away from what a handful of brilliant minds have done in the meantime. Eventually showin’ us… one true light. From 6th Borough Project to Soul Clap. With Crazy P‘s mastermind Hot Toddy makin’ no exception.

From the band’s recent ‘True Light’ EP, ‘One True Light’ is unsurprisingly way more of a so to say collage of samples. The main idea standing around the fact that one true light can’t be found unless you got a/the key. With Hot Toddy comin’ up with various sequences. From a cosmic intro which he stuffed with effects reminding of both Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer. To the main part where he cleverly edited the rhytmic/bassline of Kleeer‘s infectious classic ‘Get Tough’.

Alternatively, Ron Basejam, slows down the whole over an electro synthed bass driven rhythm part, spicin’ up the intro with fragments of Mystic Merlin‘s ‘Full Moon Rising’

Download from Traxsource.

Not to be missed with the famous Irish drink of the likes. In other words, a blend of liquor and water with honey, herbs and spices… Hot Toddy is the nickname of Chris Todd. A studio guru who, along with Nottingham University pal Jim Baron, gave birth to Crazy Penis in the mid-90’s. Crazy Penis becoming a 5 member-combo in 2002 with the arrivals of bassist Tim Davies, percussionist Mav Kendricks and vocalist Danielle Moore.

Crazy Penis, who turned their name into Crazy P in 2008, have released a total of 10 studio albums so far. With the first – ‘A Nice Hot Bath With…’ – back in 1999 and the last to date – ‘Walk Dance Talk Sing’ – 16 years later. Eventually putting an end to a 4 years hiatus during the Summer 2017. This, with a 4 track EP – ‘True Light’ – featuring ‘One True Light’. Meanwhile, Hot Toddy has released 2 albums on his own. Beginning with ‘Super Magic’ back in 2000 and ‘Late Night Boogie’ 10 years after. Establishing himself in the meantime as an in-demand remixer.

How could we ever forget about his rework of Crazy P‘s ‘Never Gonna Reach Me’ back in 2009? Not to mention the reconstruction he did on the Lovebirds‘ ‘Want You In My Soul’ in 2011. Or his remix of Kraak & Smaak‘s ‘Back Again’ more recently! But also his rework of Soul Clap featuring Nona Hendricks‘ ‘Shine (This Is It)’. With Joey Negro‘s ‘Stomp Your Feet’ adding itself to the list…

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