Fri. Oct. 22, 2021

Adam Cruz & Eddie Nicholas – Time Marches On

Lost but not least! Adam Cruz & Eddie Nicholas – Time Marches On (John Crockett Remix) (Mixtape Sessions)

Life comes in such a way that a pupil may beat a teacher at times. With the same eventually applying to people comin’ up with a cover version.
You, familiar with these shores, should know as to how we’ve never particularly been into such exercices. But, as already said, a cover version may beat the original. And, if not, at least doin’ as good even though in a different mood. Which is pretty much the case in regards to ‘Time Marches On’…

You, familiar with the history of House Music, should pretty much remember the original version of ‘Time Marches On’. And, by that, their creators. In other words, Harry Dennis and Marshall Jefferson together as Jungle Wonz. So needless to say as to how givin’ it a cover version could have been seen as a big challenge in itself. And, even more, comin’ up with a worth the listen interpretation of it.

Well, I guess its protagonists brilliantly made it. With Adam Cruz joinin’ forces with Eddie Nicholas back in 2012. This in addition to Johnny Crockett in charges of the remixing duties. The threesome bringin’ ‘Time Marches On’ to pretty much appealing new horizons.

Besides, those of you familiar with Indamixworldwide might remember as to how we favorited this outstanding cover version of Time Marches On’ back then on our Facebook page

“Time marches on (nothing stays the same…)”

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