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Embracing music: Curiosity never killed the cat!

Curiosity never killed the cat!Always kinda funny to see how many self-proclaimed music lovers may stay focused on the same kinda topic. As if nothing was worth the listen anywhere else!!! Is it to say that music is a religion? One could well think so at the end of the day. Judging by the responses. But also the behavior of some of us. Even though curiosity never killed the cat at the end…

This said, hearing this in the mouth of someone who happens to make music is a thing. Meanwhile hearin’ it from the fans is another one. A reaction one might pretty well compare to some denomination membership thing and all the things that such a situation suggests. The first of which resulting in a sort of sectarism. Itself derived from mind narrowness on many cases. And, in the meantime, probably inherited from the progressive fragmentation of music into countless genres/subgenres since the mid-80’s…

What an ironical situation we’re living nowadays. Having worldwide communication available on our devices when so many of us seem to simply not know anymore talking to someone face to face! Having the world right open from a single click when so many of us would stay like stuck in their home bases. Not to say their selfies, hardly responding to messages on social networks!!! As if they were impervious to what’s coming from other areas. And more widely from the reputedly unknown.

Fear, preconceived ideas, conservatism, sectarism??? Nothing new even though, as I already said, curiosity never killed the cat. But as many reasons belonging to each of us individually. With the latter being as many brakes in regards to evolution/progress. This comin’ in addition to so many attitudes from some of us.

Raise your arms, open your eyes, look ahead, used to sing Marshall Jefferson‘s the Truth. Who are we supposed to be in this community, if not a majority of people looking outside the common rails??? Which means, as applied to our reputedly common interests, that our spectrum shouldn’t be limited to the sole House, Disco, Jazz, Techno. Or DJ X or Y camps. However, how many of us for instance haven’t red this or that review/interview for the sole reason we never heard of the artist before?

C’mon, there’s hopefully much more than the celebrities to enlighten our horizons. As there’s definitely much more than what’s displayed on the mass media channels.

Could this be that because of lovin’ House Music, one can’t get an ear on Disco, Soul, Jazz, Afro, Latin or whatever (and vice versa)???

Interestingly enough, this reminds me some reactions I met. Like when some former boss of mine told me that there was no way to see what he considered as music for gays on his mag when I suggested him to cover House Music and Garage back in the day. Or when I offered to review a Hip-Hop/Jazz cut on some other Dance mag a bit later on. With its editor-in-chief told me he refused to give echo anything related to what he considered as homophobic music. Probably forgetting in the meantime that Mary J Blige happened to be a true icon in the gay community!

Light has never come in any way when the curtains are closed, has it? So let’s F… dat once for all and just open our eyes. Curiosity never killed the cat!

Editorials – Embracing music: Curiosity never killed the cat!

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