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Professor Daddy-O – Shootin Like A Beatbox

First Listen: Professor Daddy-O feat. SG – Shootin Like A Beatbox (Odad Truth Records)

“Could the answer to gun violence in America come from the mouth of a Rapper?” There we go with a subject line saying almost everything as to what expect when comin’ to listen to Professor Daddy-O‘s ‘Shootin Like A Beatbox’. And in the meantime, another reminder of the endless debate about gun possession Stateside.

Could the answer to gun violence in America come from the mouth of a Rapper? Most likely not as a matter of fact, I’m afraid. And this, judging by the regular warnings we’ve received along with time. Beginning with the memorable ‘Self Destruction’ and ‘Stop The Violence’ by the likes of Boogie Down Productions back in 1991 for instance. But this doesn’t mean we got to remain silent at the end. As each demonstration in that sense is the best way to shake more and more consciences as time goes.

The gun violence is certainly a cancer which the American society has had to suffer from since day #1. But as long as we’ll let the lobbies takin’ over the politicians, I suppose we’ll reproduce the same results time after time. Such as the use of glyphosate in agriculture despite its recognized dangerosity.

Live by the sword and chances are great you’ll perish by the sword. And I’m not even talkin’ about the colateral damages that affect the daily life of countless kids as a consequence.

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A native of Brooklyn, NY, Glenn Bolton, better known as Daddy-O, is a multi-talented figure. An artist on his own rights, he began his career as a member of Hip-Hop band Stetsasonic. Eventually sharing the bill with Prince Paul (who was to later form De La Soul). But also Leonardo Roman, aka Wise, and MC Delite among others. The group released 3 albums between 1986 and 1990. With all of them on Tommy Boy Records, spanning a bunch of classics. From ‘Talkin’ All That Jazz’. Probably their most famous one, blending samples of Lonnie Liston-Smith‘s ‘Expansion’, Mtume‘s Juicy Fruit’ and Banbarra‘s ‘Shak Up (Part II) among others. To ‘Sally’, the smooth ‘Float On’, which they took from the Floaters, and the infectious ‘So Let The Fun Begin’.

Daddy-O is also pretty much responsible for writing and producing one of the most sampled tracks in the History of Hip-Hop. This by the likes of ‘Top Billin” for Audio Two back in 1988.

He produced the entirety of ‘Nubian M.O.B.’, the eponymous debut-album by the R&B group of the likes in 1992. Then, the year after, he delivered his own-debut-album – ‘You Can be a Daddy, But Never Daddy-O’ – on Island/PolyGram Records. Eventually producing and appearing on ‘Inner City Boundaries’, from Freestyle Fellowship‘s album ‘Innercity Griots’ that same year.

Daddy-0 worked as a Senior Director for MCA from 1994 to 1998. This before joinin’ Motown then other entertainment agencies where he helped to produce and discover talents. Eventually collaborating with actis such as Sonic Youth, Camron or Pizzicato 5 to name a few.

Strangely enough, he remained silent for more than 10 years on the release front. Makin’ his come back in 2015 with the album ‘#EverybodyButKRS’ and its follow-up, ‘The Odad, The Gun, & The Children’ the year after.

His latest effort, ‘ No Tablecloths’, saw the light on May 29, 2018. Going straight to the issue of gun violence with the first single – ‘Shootin Like A Beatbox’ – featuring SG. With its chilling video removin’ any gray lines between street violence and the children and families affected by it.

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