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Damon Harris – It’s Music (Fantasy/WMOT)

Classics: Damon Harris – It’s Music (Fantasy/WMOT)

To be honest, many of you may never have heard of Damon Harris. But maybe more as the youngest member of The Temptations from 1971 to 1975. Or for leading a Temptations tribute band named The Young Tempts (aka The Young Vandals) when he was a teen. No wonder why… It’s music!

As a matter of fact, Damon Harris had only a brief career as a solo artist. Thus releasing only one album – ‘Damon’ – back in 1978, with ‘It’s Music’ appearing as its opening track. With the latter pretty much makin’ of Damon Harris a one hit wonder for some reason. Quite strange though at the end, judging by the obvious talent of the man who, to a certain extend came up with something of Sylvester. But also by the undeniable appeal of the jazzy/funk ‘It’s Music’. With production work courtesy of James Budd Ellison. This with Patti LaBelle, Barbara Ingram and Carla Benson on backing vocals, along with Booker T. Newberry on keyboards.

A minor hit back then, ‘It’s Music’ would get further attention (and seek) on the second hand market in the first half of the 2K’s…

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

Damon Harris sadly died at a Baltimore hospice, MD, from complications of a prostate cancer on Feb. 18, 2013. He was 62.

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