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Dayton – Meet The Man (Liberty)

Lost but not least: Dayton – Meet The Man (Liberty)

Alright, Dayton covering Sly Stone‘s ‘Hot Fun In The Summertime’ over a 4×12 driven smooth rhythm pattern was kinda cool in itself. But it certainly didn’t have the appeal of the slammin’ ‘We Can’t Miss’ which, luckily enough, saw the light as a single. And neither of ‘Meet The Man’ as a matter of fact. With both of them with production work courtesy of Rahni P. Harris, Jr..

Another highlight from their 1982 album ‘Hot Fun’ featuring Evan Rogers and Jennifer Matthews on the lead vocals. But a goodie speakin’ of which their label gave it a miss for some reason. Unless because Dayton was to soon after switch to Capitol Records.

Nothing quite original in the universe of the record industry, some of you might argue. But another mess at the end. With ‘Meet The Man’ most likely standing in the league of stellar tracks such as ‘Hold Tight’ by the likes of Change. If not B.B.&.Q. Band‘s ‘All Night Long’.

What’s the value of your vinyl record?
Question… What do The Ohio Players, Heatwave, Faze-O, Lakeside and Slave have in common? Their hometown. In other words, Dayton, OH, which also happened to be the name of a band. A combo which emerged from the reunion of members of Sun and Magnum.

Band leaders Chris Jones and David Shawn Sandridge wrote all the songs on the first 2 Dayton albums including cuts such as ‘Eyes On You’ and ‘Cutie Pie’. Meanwhile keyboardist, Rahni P. Harris, Jr. started havin’ a key role soon after. First as an arranger and a writer then as a producer for the band. Crafting gems such as ‘Meet The Man’, ‘It Must Be Love’ and most predominantly ‘The Sound Of Music’ which would become Dayton‘s most famous classic ever.

On the live front, they eventually came to tour with luminaries such as Quincy Jones, Stephanie Mills and Ashford & Simpson. Dayton nevertheless disbanded soon after the release of ‘This Time’, their 5th album, back in 1985.

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