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De Fantastiske To – Folk Og Ferie (Paper Recordings)

Unsung – De Fantastiske To – Folk Og Ferie (Paper Recordings)

‘Folk Og Ferie’… De Fantastiske To… No doubt as to how might wonder who / what we’re talkin’ about right now. But don’t cut that dial. As we’re just bringin’ you extra quality music to enjoy.

Bugge Wesseltoft, Nils Petter Molvær, Sidsel Endresen. But also Chilluminati, Butti 49 and Jagga Jazzist… As many names among many others who’ve heavily contributed redesigning the Norwegian musical landscape.
Needless to add as to how they also pretty much broke the existing boundaries in the meantime. And this while blending together as one influences inherited from almost everything they could find. In other words, Ambient, Electronica and Jazz. Not to mention House and or Techno. With the whole in a so to say fascinating DIY/Punk spirit at the end. Hence a mention of De Fantastiske To‘s ‘Folk Og Ferie’ and its captivating composition on these shores.

I remember meeting Oslo-based activist Andre Utvik of famous local club Jazid. This in Miami during the Winter Music Conference back in 1990. And, already at the time, he just couldn’t help enthuzing about the possibilities offered by technology added to a bit of inspiration. As one could just realize when givin’ a listen to the brilliant ‘Granada’ by the likes of Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, better known as Slow Supreme.

That same freshness is to be found nowadays. And this on the title cut of Ravi Brunsvik and Marius Sommerfeldt‘s freshly squeezed ‘Folg Og Ferie’ EP. With the whole comin’ up on a minimal electro blippy atmospheric deep’N’ jazzy/funk House mood…
Aural delight to say the least. Don’t you think?

Last but not least, ‘Folk Og Ferie’ stands for “People And Holidays”. Which is pretty much what’s happening at the moment, by the time writing these lines…

Download from Traxsource.

Hailing from Oslo, De Fantastiske To brilliantly represent the new generation of Norwegian artists. Thus takin’ on where Bugge Wesseltoft and other Chilluminati left. And, by that, comin’ up with hybrids musically speakin’.
As many blends makin’ hard to say which perspective prevails. As a matter of fact, it could be Jazz. But also Electro, House, Ambient. Unless everything together. You never know at the end.

Therefore, the fact that De Fantastiske To started as avid record collectors shouldn’t come as a surprise. With this pretty much explaining the diversity of their influences. And, as a result, their obvious versatility. With their compositions often described as modern club music with a twist of old school. Where rhythm boxes, acid generators and jazzy rhodes meet the dance floor.

The twosome – Ravi Brunsvik and Marius Sommerfeldt – made their debut by the end of 2014. This with a moody three tracker by the likes of ‘Smile’ on Paper Recordings. With its smooth and moody title track seeing them sharing the bill with Jay Nemor. Then they soon after came to remix ‘Times Are Hard’ for Richard Seaborne on the same label. Thus showing their ability to vary the moods.

As a matter of fact, most of their compositions are as many fascinating kaleidoscopes. From ‘Birkelunden’ to ‘Kule Bønner’ and / or ‘Monokrom’. Not to mention ‘God Følelse’ which eventually received the remixing treatment of Yam Who? And we could also add the syncopated ‘Sesongbetont Opplegg’ to the list. This in addition to the deep and smooth ‘When I Want To’ featuring Della, among others…

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