Fri. Oct. 22, 2021

Deep Xcape open their Pandora’s Box!

Deep Xcape - Pandora's BoxLike about so many things around, there is “Pandora’s Box” and “Pandora’s Box”
Full of “sinful surprises”, says the press release of this album of the likes freshly made available on the House Afrika label! At its command, a pair of producers who’ve been progressively establishing themselves as a serious reference and a driving force in the boiling South African scene. Their name: Deep Xcape!

Backed up by a degree in sound engineering, DJ and producer George (So Clear Music) started doin’ music back in 2002. Thus quoting The Rurals, Marques Wyatt, Kerri Chandler and Charles Webster as some of his major influences. Next to him, Dumisani, himself backed up with a degree in BSC Mathematics & Economy, started playing piano at the age of 6, found his influences in Jazz and Gospel. With his heros being luminaries such as the late George Duke, Joe Sample and Bob James. Meanwhile, he found extra inspiration in the Deep House scene. This with the contributions of people such as Atjazz, Karizma and Fred Everything. The two guys joining forces back in 2010…

From then, they would progressively set up their own style. Itself made of a subtle blend of deep, soulful and jazzy elements along with a loungey edge over seducing rhythm pattern. Alternatively adding their Midas touch to other people’s works such as Nasty Nev feat. Donald Sheffey‘s ‘I’m So Hung Up On You’. But also Dolls Combers feat. Carla Prather‘s ‘The Morning After’. And IndySoul presents Tantra Zawadi & Dana Bird‘s ‘Change All Over Me’ among others. Meanwhile some of their own pieces would receive the remix treamtment by Vick Lavender or Chymamusique.

Coming up as the epilogue of the step one of their maturation, ‘Pandora’s Box’ is nothing but what should be considered as a grand cru as far as wine is concerned. Thus delivering an exquisite nectar from its first to ultimate note. Opening itself on the Latinesque jazzy piano led ‘I Like It’ starring an enlightening scat by the likes of Oscar. This in a vein reminding of Tony Momrelle over a guitar part taking its influences from George Benson, as you may (also) hear thereafter… Then comes the magnificient ‘You Keep Me’ featuring singer O So T. And the list goin’ on from a gem to another such as the uplifting Gospel-influenced ‘Clap Your Hands’ starring Thediso. This in addition to the deep’n smooth ‘For You’ featuring Oliver.

A pretty good example as to what artist development means in South Africa. With a sneak preview of each track from ‘Pandora’s Box’ made available on Traxsource. You don’t wanna miss this!


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