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Disco Dave – High Power Rap (Mike & Dave Records)

Most Wanted! Disco Dave And The Force Of The 5 MCs – High Power Rap (Mike & Dave Records)

One of the most sought after tracks in the history of (early) Hip-Hop, ‘High Power Rap’ happened to be the debut-single of the ones which the world would later know as The Crash Crew.
An instantly identifiable synth-horn driven joint, built on a sample from ‘Get Up And Dance’ which Freedom released on Malaco Records back in 1979…

Darryl Calloway (DJ Darryl C) joined forces with Barry Bailey, George Belton, Jr., Darryl Calloway, Michael Fleming, Larry Miller, and Reginald Payne back in 1977. Together, they formed what would become one of the most influential Hip-Hop outtfits at the time: The Crash Crew.

‘High Power Rap’ preceeded ‘We Want To Rock You’ as a matter of fact. The latter marking their debut on Sugarhill Records the year after. They would deliver 3 albums for the label between 1983 and 1984. As many albums which spawned gems such as ‘We Wanna Rock’, ‘We Are Known As Emcees (We Turn Party’s Out)’ and ‘On The Radio’.

They released another album, although more of a collection of remixes, in the mid-90’s, titled ‘High Powered Rappers’ on Ol’ Skool Flava.

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