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Disco Soul Gold: the (new) color of the groove!

British indie label Disco Soul Gold has pretty much set up a reputation for itself. This while delivering a constant string of quality gems since day #1. From the memorable ‘Listen’ courtesy of SouLutions which marked their debut. To Neo‘s ‘Your Smile’, Hannah White‘s ‘Roma’ or Ola Onabule‘s ‘Soul Town’ to name a few. Meanwhile comin’ up with a unique touch bringin’ a modern feel to Disco and Soul vibes. They now get to the upper division with the release of their very first (compilation) album. Let’s look around the property along with label head and long time friend, Gary Van den Bussche

Disco Soul Gold: the (new) color of the groove!
Gary Van den Bussche, Peter Symphorien, Nigel Lowis

Hi Gary, you’ve been coming a long way since the very first time we chatted on Facebook. I understand you had quite a big experience back in the day. Before switching with success to cooking. What decided you to get back to your previous activities. This at a period where it has become way harder to put out music???
“Back in the day, I used to run a West End record store. I then became a record plugger. Meanwhile I was DJing at night at Tramp and eventually ran my own clubs nightly around the country. Later on, I switched to my own distribution company – Empire – selling records around the world including my own Wizz Records label.”

“The resection came with my dad beccoming ill. So we went to help him run, eventually buying a country pub in Hever. My then wife was bored with the pub, so we bought it and went to own a successful chain of Belgian restaurants. After the restaurants, I heard a seven year old demo that was sent to me. When I first heard it, Ifelt something very special. Not only in the song, but in the singer’s voice (Louise’s). I thought of the name SouLutions for them. Soon after, I got it remixed and Steve (Louise’s partner) suggested me to start a new record label up.”

Disco Soul Gold is the name of your label. How did this come to your mind?
“I started a Facebook group with my original stage name Disco Gary, but I wanted something that could be a household name, as we release elements of Disco and Soul. It kinda sounded cool to put the genre’s together the facebook page connected the Gold. Hence the Disco Soul Gold name.”

What do you respond to those who might think Disco Soul Gold as a name isn’t necessarily synonymous with modernity?
“Disco Soul Gold is a modern form of Soul and Disco which also brings back sounds of the past also. A sort of Modern retro. And many have compared the label to PIR or Motown which I find to be a nice compliment indeed…”

Let’s get back to Disco Soul Gold’s day #1. This bringin’ us back to SouLutions and your first major success…
SouLutions were the first two releases on DSG which took 8 months to promote with them becoming a household name. We then came up with Neo’s ‘Your Smile’.”

Among the first you collaborated with are Drizabone. One word about them? Anything in the pipeline to be expected???
“Drizabone are working on their new album. They have done many mixes for DSG. And if something fits they have agreed to a remix for DSG, I’m on the look out for that…”

Nigel Lowis almost stands as a in-house producer for Disco Soul Gold. How did that happen???
“Nigel contacted me as one we have the same music taste. He loved the releases we were putting out.”

He’s the one responsible for the recently released ‘Disco Soul Gold’ compilation. Your first album release as a matter of fact. How did this idea come to your mind?
“The idea for the album has been a long time in planning. I was just waiting for the right time to come.”

I could feel a definitive Disco Soul Gold identity / signature from one release to another. As labels such as say Salsoul Records or PIR. Is it something you really thought settin’ up? Or did it come like unconsciously?
“We feel that DSG does have a sound speaking of which we hope everybody will agree seeing it as a perfect representation of the 21st Century modern soul.”

Let’s talk about the future of Disco Soul Gold. The follow up to the ‘Disco Soul Gold’ compilation…
“Other volumes like ‘The Soul City People’ album. It will feature a whole host of stars from the Soul world, from yesterday to nowadays and the future. We are planning to do DJ/Live gigs and keep the world of DSG Soul music alive.”

Thank you for your time, and keep the fire burning…

CD available from Disco Soul Gold.

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