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DJ SGZ presents Ras Vadah – Celebration

First Listen: DJ SGZ presents Ras Vadah – Celebration (Vocal Mix) (Nightshade Music Group)

To those of you (already) regulars of these shores, DJ SGZ should now sound like a familiar name. As a producer, if not a member (back in the day) of our team of selectors on our Facebook page. Our ninja (a way to call a brother in South Africa) has brilliantly done his way since. Delivering timeless gems such as ‘Free’ and ‘Keep On Movin” to name a few, along with singer Ras Vadah. With the good news being that this association comes up now with ‘Celebration’.

‘Celebration’ is, as one might guess, an uplifting message inviting us to unite. This in a current environment where everything seems tailored to exacerbate the egocentricity…

Alternative download from Traxsource.

Hailing from Johannesburg, RSA, Gugulethu Mokwebo opened his musical path at the age of 15. Back then, he would mix music while using cassette and two tape decks, blending Afro, jazzy, Funk and Soul vibes. Meanwhile quoting his late dad who was a heavy Jazz collector and a neighbour who happened to be DJing back then as his first sources of inspiration.

SGZ also happened to share the duties with Mellow D under the Stuntmen Project guise. Soon after they got a publishing deal at Sheer Music company where Qness happened to work. The latter gettin’ them to release their music on vinyl one could find at the House Afrika Records vinyl store back then.

Late 2011, SGZ hooked up with DJ Aphreme who got him to remix ‘Bless The Rhythm’ featuring Black Mamba. After a couple of releases on his own, SGZ eventually launched his own label – Nightshade Music Group – in 2012. Opening its account with ‘Changes’ followed by the infectious ‘Sunday Morning’. Then the blowin’ “Free’ along with respectively Maddocks and Ras Vadah on vocal duties. The same protagonists we would find a few months later together with British guitarist Elliott Blackler on ‘Keep On Movin’. And, more recently on the uplifting ‘Celebration’.

Humbly dedicated to his art, DJ SGZ has paved his path with extra gems such as ‘Trouble’ feat. Nina Provencal or ‘Live Your Life’ with Julie Iwheta. Not to mention ‘Changes’ along with Table Dance and Ame Sucre. Which are as many illustrations of his definitive Midas touch…

In addition to this, he launched his online radio show – The Nightshade Sessions – which helped him push his brand. But also allowed him to welcome guest mixes from the likes of Ralf GUM, Jonny Montana, Abicah Soul and Sir LSG to name a few.

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