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Djeff Afrozila feat. Miranda Nicole – Alright (Vocal)

Tennerz: Djeff Afrozila feat. Miranda Nicole – Alright (Vocal) (Tribe Records)

Alright, let’s put the things that way… Like it or not, Soul can be expressed in so many different ways. Just like love as a matter of fact. With this ‘Alright’ song makin’ no exception at the end. Eventually comin’ up in an off-beat version of Djeff Afrozila‘s Kazukuta Records label. Meanwhile seeing the light in a delicately groovier approach on Tribe Records. With both of these renditions perfectly fitting with Miranda Nicole‘s sultry vocal performance.

If ever wondering yourself if it’s gonna be alright, then don’t you worry anymore. As Djeff has just come with the right ingredients to blow your hearts and souls. Thus delivering a complex amalgamation of abyssal key lines. Themselves adding a lot to the depth of the composition. With the whole comin’ over a rumblin bass-driven and softly percussive Afro rhythm pattern. As a result, we find ourselves at the crossroad of various elements and atmospheres. And, in the meantime, of impressions and feelings. These being as many signs of the subtlely of the producer…

Alright, let’s put the things that way… In other words, what stands as a fascinating and hypnotic blend of Soul, Jazz, Funk and African vibes at the end. And most likely something getting us to be waiting for some encore. As for you, feel free to let us know about your feelings. As usual, we welcome your thoughts…

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Tiago BarrosDjeff Afrozila – saw the light in a city – Lisboa – standing among the cultural capitals in the world. A city along with Porto out of which what’s known as Lusophonia took shape before meeting some echo in almost all the continents. From Africa (Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, Guinea-Bissau, and Equatorial Guinea). To Asia (East Timor, Macau and Goa). Not to mention South America with Brazil.

Growing up in a European metropole got him to be exposed to 80’s Pop Music. Meanwhile, living in an African heritage with his dad hailing from Cape Verde and his mom from Angola commected him with the impressive cultural legacy of the continent. This with artists such as Kassav, Tabanka Djaz, Eduardo Paim and other Grace Evora. His older sister connecting him with Electronic Music via artists such as Daft Punk, Armand Van Helden, Robin S and Reel 2 Real to name a few. Eventually getting him to quote Erick Morillo among his absolute references in terms of DJing.

No matter how such an heritage would be for much on Djeff‘s approach went coming to create music. Pretty much breaking the boundaries while comin’ up with an amalgamation of diverse origins and backgrounds. With the latter being as many elements mirroring his own history. Therefore bringing together Afro, deep, tech and soulful vibes together as one…

To be honest, I have to admit I discovered him, almost by accident. Back in 2012, as a matter of fact. This when coming to have a listen to ‘Você Me Chamou’ which he crafted along with Alias Rhythm. The exquisite beauty of this gem getting me to want to know more about him. But also about the Angolan scene he’d become one of the ambassadors of with DJ Silyvi and Renato Xtrova. This after relocating in Luanda back in 2008.

From then, Djeff would establish himself as a serious reference in his adoptive country. But also, more widely, as an ambassador of African contemporary music. Thus bringin’ Lusophonia to new ears. Meanwhile collaborating with many of his pairs. From long time friend Silyvi to Alton Miller and Hallex M. Not to mention Mario Marques and CT Martin for whom he remixed ‘Caught Up’ on Quantize Recordings. But also launching his own Kazukuta Records label back in 2011. This with the aim to give exposure to upcoming new talents.

As off now, Djeff Afrozila has released a total of three albums. With all of them on Tribe Records. His first effort – ‘Soldier Ascension’ – comin’ to light back in 2013. A package out of which came the boiling ‘Celebration’ with remix courtesy of Manoo. This in addition to ‘Different’ featuring the sultry Kholi with remixing work by the likes of Josh Milan.

In 2015, he pretty much made the sensation while joinin’ forces with Ron Carroll on the firing ‘Love Vibration’. Then the year after, he delivered the soothing ‘Alright’ along with Miranda Nicole. And he also teamed up with South African singer Tumelo on ‘Keep On Smiling’.

More recently, he also appeared simply as Djeff on ‘Labyrinth’. This with remixes courtesy of Atjazz in addition to DJ Spen and Reelsoul on his own Kazukuta label.

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