Mon. Nov. 29, 2021

Dru Hill – In My Bed (Island Black Music)

Classics: Dru Hill – In My Bed (Island)

Although (too) many years have gone, I always felt like havin’ a special connection with this song. Most definitely because it stands as my favorite song by the likes of this Baltimore, MD R&B band. But also – and last but not least – because of the circumstances in which I discovered it.

As a matter of fact, I first had a listen to it quite incidentally. Soon after its release back in March 1996. It was early morning in a hotel room in Miami where I landed the night before to be attending the Winter Music Conference. I was kinda jetlagged, unable to sleep and turned the TV on while waiting for the breakfast time. This being how I got on BET just in time to hear Dru Hill‘s song in full. Instantly taken by lead singer Sisqó‘s characteristic voice and the theme of the song. The latter standing in the vein of the bitterwseet ‘Down Low’ by the likes of R. Kelly featuring Ronald and Ernie Isley. Soon after telling myself I would have to get this piece of music asap. Which I hopefully did a few hours later at the record shop next door…

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