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Ednah Holt – Serious, Sirius Space Party

Lost but not least: Ednah Holt – Serious, Sirius Space Party (Party Mix) (West End Reecords)

Mel Cheren‘s West End Records label comin’ up with one of their most infectious jams ever. This with the intoxicating ‘Serious, Sirius Space Party’ by the likes of Ednah Holt along with producer Kenton Nix back in 1981.

A quick listen to it and here we go with a somehow familiar feeling. Its overall concept built on a lascivious rhythm pattern bringin’ back to the souvenir of lazy jams. From Skyy‘s ‘First Time Around’ to The Strangers‘Step Out Of My Dream’. Not to mention Taana Gardner‘s ‘Heartbeat’ which Kenton Nix also happened to produce. Larry Levan turnin’ it into a Paradise Garage anthem. This while givin’ it an alternative (Club) remix.

Let’s see which version is your fav…

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

Ednah Holt pretty much had the singing’ in her. Performing in school musicals by the age of 5 and as a soloist in her church choir in Pittsburgh, PA. Then writing her first song – ‘Boyfriend Snatcher’ – for her High School singing group (The Five Michelles). And, through a bunch of singing contests, she came to earn various scholarships to pay her Music Education then become a professional singer/entertainer.

Holt got professionally in the entertainment business by doing commercials. She eventually joined Fonzi, a band named after Fonzi Thornton. And together with Michelle Cobbs and Luther Vandross, they opened for countless luminaries. From Dionne Warwick to Patti LaBelle and Barry Manilow to name a few. Unsurprisingly, Ednah also happened to be a member of Big Apple Band who went to soon after become Chic

The first traces of her as a backing singer bring us back to 1976. Collaborating with Mango Santamaria on his ‘Sofrito’ album. But also with producer Richie Rome (Ritchie Family‘s first producer) on the ‘Tymes Up’ album for The Tymes. Then with The Fatback Band the year after, on their ‘NYCNYUSA’ album, along with Ms. Priscillia Baskerville. 1978 seeing her forming The Ritchie Family‘s new line-up. Meanwhile sharing the vocal duties with Jacqui Smith-Lee and Theodosia ‘Dodie’ Draher on the ‘American Generation’ album. Then teamin’ up with Connie Harvey as Starluv the following year on the Tom Savarese mixed ‘People Come Dance’. And comin’ up on her own two years later. Meanwhile delivering the Kenton Nix produced ‘Serious, Sirius Space Party’. The latter comin’ up with remixing work courtesy of Larry Levan.

In addition to this, Ednah Holt also joined forces with Freddie Jackson as Holt’45. This resulting in a one-off – ‘Ain’t Got Time’ – which saw the light back in 1980 on Sutra Records. Then, last but not least, one might also remember her for her contribution to the Jonathan Demme‘s directed ‘Stop Making Sense’ back in 1984. One of the greatest concert movies ever starring Talking Heads. Meanwhile she also appeared as a backing singer on the Abel Ferrara‘s 1987 ‘China Girl’ film. And she also regularly toured with Talking Heads and Bryan Ferry during the following years.

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