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Electronic – Getting Away With It… (Factory)

Classics: Electronic – Getting Away With It… (Factory)

There’s an instant familiar feeling whenever coming to have a listen to ‘Getting Away With It’. Even though it was Electronic‘s debut-single back in 1989. First because of its obvious parental linking to both New Order and Pet Shop Boys. Havin’ many people wondering whoever this was from by the time of its release. Second, because bringin’ us back to the souvenir of the British New Romanticism as embodied by groups such as Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran. And lastly, because of sounding like a descendant of Chic‘s music. Just like Paul Rutherford‘s ‘Oh World’ for instance, although with a more symphonic turn. With thanks to the presence of a full orchestra under the direction of Art Of Noise‘s Ann Dudley in addition to a rare Spanish guitar solo by the likes of Johnny Marr himself.

As for the lyrical theme of this song, it brings us to the idea as to how we gotta make the very best out of what we are. In other words, getting away with it. And eventually Learn 2 Luv ourselves, as Kim English used to sing on her single of the likes.

Remembering Manchester’s defunct The Haçienda which would have turned 34 on this day.

The Hacienda
New York had The Paradise Garage. Paris had Le Palace. And Manchester had The Haçienda…
The Haçienda happened to be synonymous with a unique style, spirit and period with no equal in the history of the British nightclubbing. Meanwhile heavily contributing to give birth to the memorable Summer of Love back in 1987.

Who could ever forget its DJ’s such as Mike Pickering, Graeme Park and Dave Haslam?!? A story that lasted a bit more than 15 years, despite regular financial difficulties. And eventually supported by the record sales of New Order.

Among its biggest contributors Bernard Sumner (Joy Division, New Order) and Johnny Marr (The Smiths) equally known together as Electronic, responsible for this Chic/Disco-influenced 1989 released gem, along with Neil Tennant of The Pet Shop Boys on vocals….

Although The Haçienda sadly got demolished in 2002, it firmly stands in the memories of those to whom (night)clubbing means way more than shaking asses. Hardly getting away with it though…

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