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Emilie Nana – I Rise (Remix) (Compost)

Tennerz: Emilie Nana – I Rise (François K Journey Vocal) (Compost)

This remix of ‘I Rise’ stands at the exact same position as the one (François K) who crafted it. In other words, at the crossroad of the vibes that made Dance Music what it is along with time. If not at the epicenter of the contemporary groove.

Besides, lookin’ at the formulation of its title says everything as to what to be expecting: a journey! Beginning with its lyrics, comin’ from the late Maya Angelou‘s poem of the likes, as a matter of fact. With the latter most likely recapturing the transformation process Emilie Nana has gone thru. Thus pretty much reflecting the lady’s hatching and metamorphosis from a state of chrysalide to butterfly. And, in the meantime an ode to inspiring women, throwing in their energy in order to transform themselves.

“‘I Rise’ is a denunciation”, Emilie Nana claims! It is not only about a meditation but truly well a declamation she clearly addresses to the oppressor. Nana speaks wit great assurance, answering to decades of mistreatment. Thus gettin’ herself in the position of a Black woman who’s expressing herself proudly.

On the heels of Danny Krivit‘s memorable edits, François K pretty much brings ‘I Rise’ to the next level. Turnin’ it into a hypnotic trance. The whole sounding like an abyssal dive into a blend of deep and spacey vibes. From Lectrodeep to Afro Techhouse and whatsoever which the listener just can’t resist to at the end. Somehow reminding of the rare Abicah Soul feat. Julius The Mad Thinker‘s ‘Many Questions’ to a certain extend. All in all, ‘I Rise’ is just one of these things you don’t wanna miss. Thus pretty much destined to feature in our 10 essential tracks of 2018…

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“Great new artists today… Eurgh, not so easy to come by people who not only have great music, but also add something to it with their presence. People you’re actually driven to follow because you know more great things are coming… Emilie Nana seems very passionate about her music and very much about what’s right and wrong in the world. A face and a mind to the music and a lot of heart too. Someone I can’t wait to hear what’s next from… Underground, poignant, cutting edge… I’m a follower!” (Danny Krivit) As many words sayin’ a lot about this artist, I suppose…

Although it’s the François K‘s remix of ‘I Rise’ that saw us welcomin’ her for the very first time on IDMW back in November 2018, Emilie Nana is not really a new comer.

Born of Cameroonian descent in Lyon, France, although residing in Geneva, she came with her first delivery for Compost Records nine years before. This with the hypnotic ‘I Missed The Boat’ with remixing work courtesy of Glenn Underground by the end of 2009. The middle of 2011 seeing her releasing two packs almost at the same time. From the ‘SVR EP 004’, Tech House 3 tracker on Swiss label Saint-Vitus-Records. To ‘Sorcière Doctoresse’ on Third Ear Recordings along with Gregor Schönborn and Vincent Kolb aka Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb. This before coming back to Compost via a bunch of EP’s. Then delivering her debut-album – ‘The Meeting Legacy’ – in May 2016.

Joinin’ forces with producer Simbad, she then pretty much made the sensation by the beginning of 2018. This while putting Maya Angelou‘s poem, ‘I Rise’, into music under the form of an EP of the likes with a couple of Edits by the likes of Danny Krivit. A cut which eventually got into a new dimension with François K givin’ it a stellar remix that saw the light by the beginning of November of the same year.

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