Wed. Oct. 20, 2021

Eric Clapton – I Shot The Sheriff (RSO)

Classics: Eric Clapton – I Shot The Sheriff (RSO)

“I shot the Sheriff”, although it was self-defense. “But I didn’t shoot the deputy”, despite what’s been said. Although the actors, the periods and the places are quite different, the theme remains the same at the end. In other words: the corruption and the abuses of power. As many things which have been for much on the repertoires of both Fela Kuti in Nigeria and Bob Marley in Jamaica. With the latter first releasing ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ by the Spring of 1973. Then Eric Clapton givin’ it his own interpretation a few months later.

A quick listen to both of them, and one wouldn’t find that many differences between them as a matter of fact. But Clapton’s version would eventually generate a bigger following though. With thanks to its production work by the likes of Tom Dowd. ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ eventually becoming a Clapton’s signature song.

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